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  1. Secretaries District Convention 2017 Mary Ramirez, D07S Franklin Secretary Vivian Bui, D30S Oxford Academy Secretary Angel Lau, District Secretary

  2. General Duties • Complete the New Officer Information Form at the beginning of the term • Record meeting minutes • Update and submit Monthly Report Forms On-time • Record all members’ service hours • Keep track of all club activities • Communicate with club officers and members

  3. Weekly Duties • Attend & record meeting minutes at club and board meetings • Attend club service events to keep track of members’ hours • Create event sign-up sheets to track attendance • Contribute to club meetings preparation • Communicate with all club officers

  4. Monthly Duties • Update & Submit the Monthly Report Form (MRF) by the 5th of every month to LTG • Attend Division Council Meetings (DCM) • Attend Kiwanis Division Council Meetings • Update the Member Recognition Tab (MRP) of the MRF weekly/monthly

  5. Annual Duties • Submit the New Officer Information Form • Collaborate with the club board to establish goals for the year • Compile a club roster with the Club Treasurer • Attend OTC, RTC, Fall Rally, District Convention

  6. Annual Duties • Submit member recognition levels as requested by LTG (deadlines will differ) • Submit officer election results to your LTG, Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, and home club • Strive for District Tree recognition (all on time MRFs) • Train the secretary-elect

  7. Communication -Maintain communication with… • Club Board • Members • Advisors • Kiwanians • Past Secretary • Lieutenant Governor • District Executives

  8. Recording Minutes • Utilize resources on the CyberKey Members > Secretary > Meeting Minutes Template

  9. Recording Minutes • Record minutes for every club and board meeting • Should be concise • Can be but not limited to send to: Club Board, LTG, Advisors, Sponsoring Kiwanis Club • Remember to include: • Date, Time Location • Call-to-Order & Adjournment • Facts, not opinions

  10. Recording Service Hours • Can keep a separate Google Spreadsheet to keep track of hours • Allows members to keep track of their hours • Consistent and can be utilized by anyone in the club • Sign-in/sign-out sheets for service projects • Post updated service hours weekly/monthly for the club members

  11. What Counts as Service? Service: • Working at service events • Kiwanis/Circle K ones count as well • Working at fundraisers • Working at Book drives, food drives,etc. • Not Service: • Meeting Attendance • Fall Rally, DCON, OTC, RTC, Key Leader (unless there was a service event that the member volunteered at) • Socials, dances, banquet • Travel time

  12. The Basics of the MRF • Excel form that keeps track of members’ service hours and the club’s progress and attendance as a whole • Update/Complete tabs throughout the year • Submit by the 5th of every month • If you have any questions, BEE sure to ask your Lt. Governor!

  13. Tabs to Complete • Step 1 • Completed once • Club Roster • Can be updated throughout year • Service Record • Updated after every event • Club Elections • Completed once (beginning of term)

  14. Tabs to Complete (cont.) • Annual Achievement Report • Completed throughout the year • Project List • Automatically transfers from monthly reports • Monthly Report • Completed each month • Member Recognition Tab (will be discussed in detail in the next slide)

  15. Member Recognition Tab Helps keep track of every paid member’s participation for individual member recognition

  16. How the tab works... • First three columns are auto-transfer • Membership – from Club Roster/Directory • Dues Paid – from Club Roster/Directory • Service Hours – from Service Record

  17. Levels of Recognition • Determined by how many of the 13 minimum requirements are met • ALL must be met in order to receive that respective level of recognition • Name can be copy & pasted from the Membership column, OR type “=b13” to automatically link Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

  18. MINIMUM criterion to reach each level of recognition • Secretaries must update and keep track of criterion with the rest of the club board members

  19. The District Member Recognition Committee will provide Secretaries with the deadline for final submissions. • Members will receive suitable recognition at District Convention and posted on the official CNH Key Club media sites.

  20. What does it mean to be Distinguished? Basics: • Completed all assigned task on time • Updated the MRF properly every month • Recorded precise and detailed meeting minutes properly for both executive and general meetings • Shown outstanding leadership skills

  21. Requirements for E-Portfolio • Cover Page (Name, Position, Term, etc.) • Nomination letter • Could be written by a member, Kiwanis/ Faculty Advisor, Officers, OR your LTG. • Personal Reflection/ Assessment • 3 Letters of Recommendations (max) • Completed* Secretary Checklist (This is provided under the contest guideline documents) • Examples of Club Directories • This could be for special events or committees

  22. Requirements • Examples of Club Directories • This could be for special events or committees • Example of ONE MRF from each quarter • Example of ONE Executive and ONE General Meeting minute from each quarter • Communication samples • E-mails, letters, posts, reminds, etc. • Miscellaneous • Achievements and contributions you have made as a Secretary throughout the term

  23. QUARTERS Quarter 1: April-May-June Quarter 2: July-August-September Quarter 3: October-November-December Quarter 4: January-February-March

  24. Tips BEE proactive! • Utilize past secretary and Lieutenant Governor as a resource • Join the Club Secretaries Google Reflector Group • MRFs can always be updated (even previous months but always let your LTG know)

  25. ? ? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Go for it!

  26. Acknowledgements The CNH Key Club District would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have contributed to this presentation over the years. Angel Lau, District Secretary 2016-2017 Michelle Ng, Member Recognition Chair 2016-2017