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Visual rhetoric Presentation by: justice ezell

Visual rhetoric Presentation by: justice ezell. “Lungs”.

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Visual rhetoric Presentation by: justice ezell

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  1. Visual rhetoric Presentationby: justice ezell “Lungs”

  2. Developed at TBWA/PARIS, France by Executive Creative Director Erik Vervoegen, Copywriter Nicolas Roncarel, Art Directors Caroline Khelif, Leopold Billard, JulienConter, and Accountant Laurent Lilti. It is an advertisement for the wwf. Purpose: This print advertisement is supposed to show the importance of trees for our “lungs.” Also to stop deforestation. The text at the bottom says “Before it’s too late.”

  3. Who is the intended audience? The intended audience is everyone in the world, those concerned about the environment and those who should be concerned. The advertisement is supposed to persuade people to stop deforestation, because we need trees to breathe and to live.

  4. The Intention/Point of View The main intention of the advertisement “Lungs” is to appeal to our emotions to stop the deforestation of trees. The picture illustrates lungs and part of one is gone, this shows that if people don’t stop cutting down trees the how can we continue to breathe? And survive?

  5. Techniques The design of this advertisement is: dark green trees in the shape of lungs against a light green background. Half of the lung on the right side is brown. Also the lungs are larger than everything else in the picture. Those techniques draw the viewers to the lungs which are the central focal point.

  6. How does this advertisement appeal to ethos/ethical appeal? This advertisement challenges us to help recover the lungs of the Earth. The challenge includes the end to deforestation. Because if we do not help the lungs of the forest, how can we help ourselves?

  7. How does this advertisement appeal to pathos/emotional appeal? The advertisement appeals to pathos by showing the audience the danger of deforestation and what could happen to the Earth because of it. Not only to nature but to us as human beings. Trees are a source of our oxygen and when we cut them down we harm our lungs. If deforestation doesn’t stop it could mean an end to our lives.

  8. How does this advertisement appeal to logos/logical appeal? The advertisement appeals to logos because at the bottom of the advertisement says “before it’s too late” which tells us to stop deforestation before it is too late and there are not any trees left.

  9. What actions might different people take after seeing this advertisement? • Hopefully they will become more aware of their impact on our environment. Also to help to stop deforestation.

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