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World Cultures Unit One Study Focus PowerPoint Presentation
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World Cultures Unit One Study Focus

World Cultures Unit One Study Focus

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World Cultures Unit One Study Focus

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  1. World Cultures Unit One Study Focus A. Political Theme: What- The parts of history that deal with government institutions Why- It helps historians understand historical topics B. Responsibilities of government What- to prevent chaos Why- so societies can function and grow

  2. C. Development of democracy What: philosophes and the Enlightenment (the age of reason) Why: first attempt at defining natural rights (life, liberty, property) D. Various forms of government What- defined on different forms of government work Why- demonstrates that humans have created many ways to prevent chaos in society • Social Theme • What- The events of history that effect the daily lives of people • Why- helps to determine the overall success of society

  3. B. Social institutions What- the parts of society that can be studied Why- they are linked to the success or failure of society C. Psychological impact of society What- determines the health and well-being of the society Why- helps the process of studying the society D. Study of society What- ethnology, archaeology, anthropology Why- because you have to avoid being ethnocentric

  4. E. Five themes of geography What- location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, regions Why- They are tools that scientists use to explore the world F. customs, folkways, and laws What- Values that a society views as important and then makes laws Why- describe the process by which laws are made A. Economic Theme What- the way in which a society makes and distributes wealth Why- helps historians study current and historical events

  5. B. Determining factors What- Status Why- how you view your place in society and how society views you C. Parts of the economic system What- land, labor, capital Why- if a business will succeed it needs to have all three D. Different forms of economic systems What- mercantilism, capitalism, socialism Why- different theories of how an economy works E. Early history What- there was no need for a monetary system Why- as resources became limited a monetary system was needed