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Honeymoon in Tasmania

Honeymoon in Tasmania

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Honeymoon in Tasmania

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  1. Honeymoon in Tasmania One week’s touring just a little more Down Under

  2. Pennyroyal Inn in Launceston Former barracks and a quarry Frogs a’croakin’ in the hollow

  3. Cataract Gorge, Launceston Tom was thrilled to see the chairlift I would have been happy walking

  4. Cataract Gorge Easy bush walks on winding paths Suspension bridge overlooks the South Esk River

  5. Tamar Valley Beaconsfield, where two miners survived two weeks trapped underground after the collapse of their tunnel nearly one kilometer from the surface. In this warehouse on the river we encountered unique creatures…

  6. Tamar Valley Platypuses (not “platypi”) live in the wild in burrows, so their housing in captivity needs to imitate the tunnels that they use to shuffle from their snug nests to the water Platypus have dry land cousins, though it’s hard to picture any animal that looks less like them than these spiny little things, called echidnas

  7. Tamar Valley “Tamar Valley” is a brand name for fine wines and dairy products, so we stopped at a few vineyards… …so I’d have something to cook with!

  8. Launceston to Strahan, via Cradle Mountain The town of Deloraine, gateway to the Central Highlands, features murals which depict the fabled landscapes of the region. Unobtrusively tucked into the artwork are some creatures we would soon see in the wild lands further south. Thinking we might like a picnic, we stopped into a bakery to buy lunch: a few sandwiches, which would turn out to be fateful…

  9. Cradle Mountain Though the weather at the mountain was too foggy for good viewing, it was fun to walk around the park trails where we met some local critters… …some of which seemed very hungry, hoping for a generous handout…

  10. Cradle Mountain Currawong Walk …and followed us through the forest, calling out to all and sundry… …to announce the new arrival of a pair of likely victims!

  11. Do Not Feed The Currawongs “Let’s not feed them,” was our resolve, not wanting to start something from a Hitchcock movie, an avian feeding frenzy. But there’s always one who’ll never die wondering.

  12. Victorian B & B, Strahan Olde-worlde charm and… …tasseled room key

  13. Seashore near Strahan Tasmania’s pristine west coast

  14. On the way to Lake St.Clair Roaring water in the wild woods

  15. Lake St.Clair & Tarraleah Some reward for asking nicely Extra bread goes to the poultry in a park at the village of Tarraleah

  16. Hobart Just look at what we found at the… …Salamanca markets today!

  17. Hobart “That boat goes to Antarctica.” “Does it really? Book our tickets.”

  18. Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Hobart How many ways can there be to say “I love you?” How long would you stand in line to watch a machine make some real poo?

  19. MONA Ferry, Hobart The Tasman Bridge spans the Derwent (and snags, we’re told, the occasional ferry) MONA is best visited by its own ferry, for the river views are superb

  20. Freycinet National Park Out here I saw albatrosses Tom stands before The Three Sisters

  21. Tasman Peninsula Found a sinkhole, Tom is happy Looking down there makes me queasy

  22. Port Arthur At long last, we reach Port Arthur Seems like this bloke was a schemer

  23. Port Arthur Port Arthur is an example of some classic architecture, built by convicts’ coerced labour Is the waterfront view that much of a consolation?

  24. Wildlife Park, Tasman Peninsula Tasmanian Devils snarling. That’s their normal way of saying “G’day, how’s it going, cobber?” Spotted quolls may look much cuter than their slightly larger cousins, but are in fact bloodthirsty and hyperactive little demons!

  25. Mt.Wellington, Hobart On the top of Mt.Wellington is a station where you will find… …all you need to measure weather.

  26. Mt.Wellington, Hobart Views are also rather stunning. Quite a way to end our trip to the end of the Antipodes!