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MUSIC FANS: Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently. PowerPoint Presentation
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MUSIC FANS: Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently.

MUSIC FANS: Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently.

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MUSIC FANS: Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently.

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  1. The ultimate celebrity lifestyle destination, serving popular entertainment genres with both commerce and community… starting with Music

  2. MUSIC FANS: Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that 40% of U.S. consumers—those classified as fans—are responsible for 75% of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend an additional $450 million to $2.6 billion annually if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content. 03.19.2013

  3. GOALS: • Create the first celebrity lifestyle destination for Music [serving the fan, the artist, and the industry] • Establish the connection and create the bond between fans and their favorite artists • Deliver the most engaging and profitable experience ever seen in the music industry • Ultimately evolve from music to include additional genres – Film + TV + Sports – to the value proposition

  4. MUSIC MARKET: • Enormous playing field : $23.7b in 2013 • Estimated 250,000,000 music fans in US alone • The most pervasive aspect of consumer lifestyle • Define persona: memories, social connections, sense of fashion/style, source of entertainment • Emulate the styles of favorite artists • Universal: ages, genders, ethnicity, socio/economic

  5. MUSIC INDUSTRY: • Continually reinventing; driven by technology, affecting all constituents • Music fans: digital downloads, replacing brick-and-mortar • Artists: demanding new revenue streams, artists as “brands” • Labels: new profitability models, eroding consumer control and fan relationships

  6. MUSIC INDUSTRY: • Music fans crave to get closer to their favorite artists and their lifestyles • Recorded material • Artist-branded merchandise $4.2 billion in 2012 [+14%] • Concerts • Fan clubs [literally millions, worldwide] • Internet sites • Videos • TV and radio programming • Films

  7. MUSIC INDUSTRY: • Despite its appeal, lifestyle commerce is the most under-served segment in the Music Industry • Limited reach through concerts • Industry websites poorly managed/displayed • Frequent stock outages • Retail hit-or-miss

  8. BANG: • The world’s first one-stop destination • for all-things music lifestyle • Music-licensed/Artist-branded Merchandise • Music Fan Social Media/Collaborative Networks • Music Downloads, Box CD Sets, DVD’s, Ringtones • Artist Tour Schedules • Concert Ticket Packages • Memorabilia/Product Auctions • Music Concierge & Travel Service • RSS Music News/Gossip Feeds • Music Books, Education, Instruments & Sheet Music • Music-based Electronic Games • Music Film/TV • Music Charity Causes

  9. Cutting across all music genres… • Pop • Rock • Country • Urban/R&B • EDM …appealing to all ages and interests

  10. BANGTV BANGNET BANGMOB BANGFAN • Delivered via a convergent, multi-platform media network with 24/7/365 access • TV • Internet • Mobile • Social media • On demand… Where, when and how consumers want it [“BANG Everywhere”] …and supported at retail

  11. BANGTV: • The broadcast beacon and premium venue • Custom-created content with full celebrity involvement – showcasing fusion of entertainment content and parallel commerce offerings • Optimizing opportunities for fans to get closer to their favorite celebrities by buying their branded merchandise • Plus…range of additional opportunities and offers to promote music fan/artist relationships

  12. BANGTV: • Incredible opportunity to capitalize on the phenomenon of TV home shopping; the most profitable television business model of our time: • QVC/HSN: $9.4B; 2013 [Primarily US]* • QVC: average 341 TPM [transactions per minute]* • QVC/HSN: $41/$61 ACP [average consumer purchase - Primarily US]* • * Source: Merchandising/Ad Age/Media Week/SEC 10K Filings • ** Source: QVC financial analysis • *** 5 year Average • **** PollStar–January 2013

  13. Fusing artist entertainment content with relevant commerce offerings.

  14. BANGNET: • BANG primary transaction vehicle • The hub for fans coming together to bond and buy • Socializing with their favorite celebrities, their friends and families they create • Seamlessly collaborating the artist and fans, with compelling opportunities to share postings and purchase with a single click • The Celebrity + Fan = Like

  15. BANGNET - THE COMMUNITY ENGINE • Celebrities will come on BANGNET and have live Video Chats which are also recorded and given to the participants to share with their friends… • The fan and the celebrity have a much deeper connection since they have collaborated and created something new together • The fan is engaged and shares her video with everyone she knows on every possible platform – bringing more fans to BANG

  16. BANGMOB: • BANGMOB is the constant companion • Fans are never without their music, their favorite celebrities or BANG • Instant access to all the resources of BANG, from celebrity merchandise to tour schedules and concert tickets • The impulse strikes; they act; then collaborate with friends

  17. BANGFAN: • Amalgamating [thousands] of artists fan club websites under the BANG umbrella • Offering interactive opportunities and benefits far exceeding those through existing fan sites • The future of online interaction, word-of-mouth and the power of many-to-many interactions • Inspiring communities to purchase and preach, with daily dialogue

  18. BANGFAN: Designed to spawn a massive, intensely-loyal, global community…. evolving the consumer from engagement through conversion to evangelism Denver Phoenix Seattle Miami Austin New York Boston Vanessa Hudgens Los Angeles New Orleans

  19. ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY: • Target the community of interest – “Fans who want to merge their lives with the music, lifestyle and passion of their favorite celebrities” • Invite them in to share exclusive content, information, and apps to help them succeed at their goal – to merge with their artist – and give them the tools to grow their community • Aggregate all the purchase points of celebrity sites, merchandise sites, ticket sites, news sites, gossip sites, video sites, etc. to drive sales in a one-stop destination • Provide real-time & live engagement opportunities with the celebrities they love • Collect the content they generate and use it to grow the community further!

  20. MARKETING SUPPORT: • High-impact marketing effort driving awareness, traffic, trial and loyalty… inviting consumers to Live the Music! • IntegratedSearch Campaign • Extended Social Media Activation • Highly Targeted Ad Placement • Affiliate Network Marketing • Experiential/Event Marketing • Behavioral Email Campaigns • Customer Direct Marketing • Marketing Partner Programs • Public Relations/Communications

  21. MEASUREMENT & ANALYTICS: • Constantly measure performance and A/B test for optimum results • Focus on key performance indicators and develop a continuous improvement program • Deploy the latest tools to analyze and respond to customer conversations • Examples of performance measurement goals • # paid transactions during the average week [7 days] • Increase from X to Y per week • Average price point per sale • Increase from X to Y • Improve top five items sold in each store • Increase from X to Y • # Hits [site visits] to the site per month • Increase from X to Y • Average $ turnover per week • Increase from X to Y

  22. Building A Global Brand • 2014 GlobalInternet + USA TV LAUNCH • 2015 TV Canada/UK/Western Europe • 2016 TV CHINA/ASIA/Latin America • 2017 TV Eastern Europe/Russia N.B. Financial Forecasts reflect USA TV only

  23. Consignment Model • CONSIGNMENT • Resourceful consignment model, arranged with industry merchandisers [85% of artist brand sales], responsible for: • Total inventory management/control • Fulfillment operations • For BANG, no inventory = greater efficiency and lower cost • Merchandisers eager for BANG, with opportunity to expand retail reach

  24. Organization UNIQUELY QUALIFIED SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM • Joshua Simons, CO-Founder,Corporate Strategy: [COO, BuzzTone Experiential; Co Founder, Rockbill / EMCI Entertainment Marketing; Global Marketing Chief, WorldSpace / XM Satellite Radio] • Bill Kosovitch, CFO/Operations&Finance: [Ernest and Young; Co-Principal Rockbill / EMCI; Co-Principal American Softworks Corp. [ASC]] • Bob Tulipan,Artist Relations: [Music Industry leader in artist relations/management] • Margaret Bellville;[EVP Cox Communications, 2008 Cable TV Woman of the Year]; COO Charter Communications • Joy Perkins, Merchandising: [Home Shopping Network, SVP Operations] • Bart Fox,Internet &Television Production: [ESPN live sports television] • Brad Mooberry, Marketing: [Award-winning creative with extensive experience in marketing, advertising and brand strategy for global brands]. • John Caputo, Strategic Partnerships: [yours! LTD, Managing Partner; Equity Communications, President; Glendenning Associates, EVP; TLK Advertising • Todd Gordon, Technology: [Teamworks Media/Nology Interactive, EVP Operations] • Brad Rubens, Compliance/Legal: [B.A. Rubens, LLC; Montgomery, McCracken, Walker, Rhodes, Entertainment Industry specialists]

  25. Summary Financial Forecast

  26. Summary SUMMARY • Ground-breaking program meeting the needs of all Music Industry constituents [consumers/music fans, artists, merchandisers, labels] • Totally unique in the marketplace • Opportunity to create iconic global brand, driven by virally-expanding social community • Substantial revenue/profit opportunity, short and longer term • Unique merchandiser consignment model, minimizing expenditures and risk • Expanded long term growth opportunity via incorporation of additional entertainment genres under the BANG umbrella • Excellent Pro Forma forecast ensuring a strong ROI • Highly qualified management team