wilmington sea dawgs a sports psychology focus n.
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Wilmington Sea Dawgs A Sports Psychology Focus PowerPoint Presentation
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Wilmington Sea Dawgs A Sports Psychology Focus

Wilmington Sea Dawgs A Sports Psychology Focus

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Wilmington Sea Dawgs A Sports Psychology Focus

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  1. Wilmington Sea DawgsA Sports Psychology Focus 430 Eastwood Road Wilmington, NC 28403 910.256.4281

  2. Contacting the Sea Dawgs • Penny Millis • • Robin ReDivo • •

  3. The Organization’s Goals:“Locally Owned…Globally Known” • Provide a quality basketball product for its fans. We Plan to Win! • Provide an exciting entertainment option in historic downtown Wilmington • Provide a fun-filled family atmosphere both on the court and in our lobby area. • We are here for your enjoyment and encourage you to support your team and get to know the players as we continue our winning tradition of professional basketball in the Wilmington area.

  4. Being part of the Community • The following is just some of the many events in which at least one representative from the Sea Dawg organization participated in this year: • March of Dimes – Walk America • Hoops for Heart • Riverfest • CiCi’s Pizza Salute to Local Heroes • CiCi’s Holiday Toy Event Carolina • Cape Fear Literacy Auction • Martin Luther King Parade • Upwards Basketball Evaluation Day • School Fall Festivals – Ogden Elementary, Forest Hills Elementary, Parsley Elementary, Eaton Elementary

  5. Sea Dawgs Background • Since the conclusion of last season there have been many changes within the Sea Dawgs organization. The biggest change for the team has been the switch from the American Basketball Association (ABA) to the newly developed Premier Basketball League (PBL). • 2008 marks the inaugural season for the PBL

  6. Sea Dawg Background • The PBL is a minor league basketball organization that offers professional basketball within 11 cities in the United States with plans for future international expansion. The PBL intends to recruit the best non-NBA players in the world and showcase these young stars of tomorrow in a setting that will enable fans to become part of the experience, not only of the team in their community, but to see up close and personal the development of these young stars. The Sea Dawgs are excited about the opportunity to be an inaugural member of such a promising new league.

  7. Teams in the PBL • Wilmington Sea Dawgs • Dallas Defenders • Rochester Razor Sharks • Rockford Fury • Maryland Nighthawks • Reading Railers • Jacksonville Slam • Arkansas Impact • Chicago Aztecs • Chicago Throwbacks • Quad Cities RiverHawks

  8. Community Based Involvement • The Sea Dawgs seek to be involved with every type of person. They strive to create some type of interaction with everyone in the Wilmington area and surrounding communities. • The Sea Dawgs make it clear that if it wasn’t for the fans, this organization wouldn’t be possible. • They commit themselves to making sure that you have to best time you could ever have during a game.

  9. Intern Duties Overall • There was a total of 10 Home Games in which myself and all other interns attended. • We came 4 hours before each game started to set up, remained for the entire game, and did clean up following the game’s ending. • Everyone had a “job”

  10. My Specific Duties • For each game I maintained operational duties including: • The theme of the game (Kid’s Night, Teen Night, College Night, Scout’s Night, Armed Forces Night) so that organization of entertainment pertained to the specific theme. • Posted Sponsor Signs before every game • Handled pre-game events such as Color Guard and National Anthem • Half-time shows • Operated all of the Fan Games during media time-outs, which occurred in every quarter at the 8 minute and 4 minute mark • Helped the DJ with set-up and song selection • T-shirt and mini basketball toss organization for the entire staff or dance team – it rotated most of the games • Mascot organization

  11. My Specific Duties • Contacted local schools and organizations for all half-time show requests • Created a Sea Dawg appearance event for the players and dance team at Leland Middle School to promote the importance of Education and interact with kids • Created and hosted a Sea Dawgs “After Hours” event for 75 sponsors that helped in making our season successful

  12. Duties that relate to Sports Psychology • Talked with players about how they became who they were (life experiences), how they approached the Sea Dawg program, and what they have learned in this organization. • A lot of observation through my own eyes as to how professional players act and their attitudes, as well as their coaches, in different settings. • Observed physical training performance

  13. Would I recommend this experience? • Yes! I would greatly advise this opportunity for anyone interested in sports. If you are interested in how teams and professional organizations operate as a whole, this is the place for you! There are a variety of duties for everyone and anyone. The staff is friendly and always willing to help you. The environment is very exciting and upbeat. You have the chance to interact with hundreds of people and obtain experiences on many different levels. It is a truly, wonderful opportunity and experience.