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  1. Punctuation

  2. Use a period at the end of a complete sentence that is a statement (declarative). Peter is a crossing guard and stops traffic. He also stops a complete thought. Peter the Period

  3. Used at the end of a direct question (interrogative). EX. What are you doing? Do not use a question mark at the end of an indirect question. EX. He asked the class what they were doing. Suzie Q is a reporter. She always needs more information. Susie Q the Question Mark

  4. An exclamation mark usually shows strong feeling, such as surprise, anger or joy (exclamatory). EX. "Good heavens!" he said, "Is that true?" Erin is a drama queen. She is always excited or distressed about something. Erin the Exclamation Mark

  5. Items in a series Groups of words in a series 2 or more adjectives Compound sentences Unnecessary appositives Interrupters Direct address Month, year City, state Carl is a match maker. He brings words, phrases, and clauses together. Carl the Comma

  6. Connects two related sentences. EX. Grandma still rides her Harley motorcycle; her toy poodle balances in a basket between the handlebars. Sam is in the Peace Corps. He helps join nations together that have similar views (peacemaker). Can also team up with a transition—often a conjunctive adverb—to connect two sentences close in meaning. - EX. My father does not approve of his mother cruising around town on a Harley motorcycle; however, Grandma has never cared what anyone thinks. Sam the Semi-colon

  7. Use a colon before a list or an explanation that is preceded by a clause that can stand by itself. Think of the colon as a gate, inviting one to go on. EX: There is only one thing left to do now: confess while you still have time. Ex. You will need this equipment for your baseball game: a glove, bat, ball, and cleats. Time (3:45) Bible (Luke 4:3) Greeting of a Business letter (Dear Dr. Ash:) Title: Subtitle (Twilight: Breaking Dawn) Cali works the gate at the Braves game. She has to check your ticket (complete sentence) before you can go watch the game. Cali the Colon

  8. The primary function of quotation marks is to set off and represent exact language (either spoken or written) that has come from somebody else. Ms. Basone said, “My Central Magnet students are brilliant. I am so lucky to be their teacher.” Jack is a cowboy. He ropes up all the direct quotes, just like cattle. Jack the Quotation Mark

  9. Bellwork 3-26-13 Choose the response that correctly combines the two sentences below. Ted picked the fruit from the trees. Alice weeded the garden. A. Ted picked the fruit from the trees, Alice weeded the garden. B. Ted picked from the trees the fruit, or Alice weeded the garden. C. From the trees, Ted picked the fruit, and Alice weeded the garden. D. Ted picked the fruit from the trees, and Alice weeded the garden. • Explain the reasoning behind your answer.

  10. Standards • 0701.1.6 Identify the correct use of commas (i.e., compound sentences, coordinating • conjunctions, introductory words, appositives, interrupters) within context. • 0701.1.7 Identify within context a variety of appropriate sentence combining techniques • (i.e., comma with coordinating conjunction, use of semicolon, introductory phrases or • clauses). • 0701.1.10 Identify the correct use of colons (i.e., in business letters, preceding list of • items) within context. • 0701.1.15 Choose the correct use of quotation marks and commas (i.e., in direct • quotations, with explanatory material within the quote, proper use with end marks).

  11. Objectives • To identify, understand, and use different types of punctuation in writing. • To understand the importance of using punctuation correctly.

  12. Essential Questions • Can I identify, understand, and use all different types of punctuation? • Do I understand the importance of using punctuation correctly?

  13. 1-Trenton/Lauren/Bob 2-Hunter/Bria/May 3-Mary Cate/ Robert/Smythia 4-Brett/Stephen 5-Nick H./Rachel 6-Aida/Jory/Bob 7-Daniel W./Maddie T. 8-Olivia/Eric/Arrington 9-Daniel B./Vinny 10-Casey/Penny 1st period

  14. 1.Brian G./Maddison 2.Jonathan/Camryn 3.Kayla/Paul/Jacob T. 4.Mark/Marley/Betty 5.Savannah/Chelsey/ Jackson 6.Mitchell/Katie/Brinton 7.John David/Audrey 8.Grace/Bryson/Ben 9.Jered/Nolan 10.Bain/Ryan 3rd period

  15. 1.Zach/Katelyn 2.Micha/Alex 3.Mary Catherine/Meredith 4.Kaleigh/Cynthia 5.Nicholas/Eshan 6.Wally/Allison/Ansley 7.Fletcher/Anna 8.Ethan/Connor/ Skylar 9.Kenzi/Julia 10.Maddie/Jimmy/ Brandon 4th period

  16. 1. Austen/Jordan/ Camille/Warren 2.Wesley/Maggie/ Joey 3.Kallyn/Elijah M./Tabbi 4.Macy/Leanna/ Manning 5.Haley/Drew/Nick 6.John/Shawn/Joseph 7.Pranav/Cass/ Elijah G. 8.Connor/Ally/ Chance 9.Alexi/Ryan/Tommy 10.Daisy/Savannah/ Jacob 5th period

  17. 1.Hayden/Shelby H. 2.Jacob H./Mya 3.Jake R./Averi 4.Jacob F./Chase 5.Shelby B./Hannah 6.Marley/Sidney 7.Allyssa/Ben M. 8.Gabby/Claire 9.Kaylie/Ben O. 10.Christopher/ Zhariah/AP 6th period

  18. 1.Will/Collin 2.Warren/Jaden 3.Mary Grace/Mary 4.Winter/Braden/ Bailey 5.Thomas/Andrew 6.Nodir/Jada 7.Krissy/Zoe 8.Nick/Taylor 9.Grant/John 10. 7th period

  19. Analyze the importance of punctuation. How is the knowledge of punctuation and the ability to use it correctly in your writing beneficial to your future? • Write two sentences please.