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Grammar boot camp

Grammar boot camp

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Grammar boot camp

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  1. Grammar boot camp Pass in Review: Simple/Compound/Complex (click mouse to proceed)

  2. Grammar boot camp • Since the California State Writing Assessment Test requires sentence variation (the use of Simple, Compound, and Complex sentences) and the California State Testing towards the end of the year requires students to know, understand, use, and identify those same types of sentences, we must know them.

  3. Grammar boot camp • The easiest way to remember the difference is to start with the Conjunctions! • In most cases, if a sentence has a subordinating conjunction in the sentence (beginning or middle), it is a complex sentence. • Subordinating Conjunctions are: After, As, As soon as, Before, Besides, Because, Even though, If, Since, Though, Upon, When, While, Whenever, Wherever (ABE IS TUW)

  4. Grammar boot camp • Remember that if the sentence has a subordinating conjunction at the beginning of a sentence, there is a comma. However, there is no comma when the subordinating conjunction comes in the middle of the sentence.

  5. Grammar boot camp • The second test for identifying what kind of sentence you have if there is no subordinating conjunction is to look for coordination conjunctions. • If you have Coordinating Conjunctions with a comma and a complete sentence on either side of the conjunction and comma, then you have a Compound Sentence!

  6. Grammar boot camp • Coordinating Conjunctions are: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. FANBOYS! • I am sad the football season is coming to an end,but I am excited about the playoffs. • This is an example of two complete sentences with a FANBOYS and a comma making it a compound sentence. Note: Remember, you could substitute a Semicolon for the FANBOYS and comma in a compound sentence!

  7. Grammar boot camp • If you have checked the sentence carefully and there is no subordination conjunction or any coordinating conjunctions (that combine two sentences with a FANBOYS and a comma), then you are left with what is called a Simple Sentence. • Jesse, Dave, and Kyle all like to watch hockey either live or on T.V. • Why isn’t this sentence a compound sentence?

  8. Grammar boot camp • There is one more type of sentence that really awesome writers use which is called a compound/complex sentence. These have both a subordination conjunction connected to a complete sentence then that is joined with a FANBOYS, comma, and another complete sentence. • Even though grammar is hard, I know it will help me sound more intelligent,and I will become a better writer using it correctly.

  9. Grammar boot camp • Now it is your turn. What kind of sentences are the ones below. Key: use the tests we just talked about to figure it out and write down what kind of sentence you think it is and why. • Before I get overly excited about anything, I like to look at all sides of the situation. • Today or tomorrow is a great day to learn something new.