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Faculty Activity and Assessment Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Faculty Activity and Assessment Reporting

Faculty Activity and Assessment Reporting

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Faculty Activity and Assessment Reporting

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  1. Faculty Activity and Assessment Reporting Report to FAAR Advisory Group November 29, 2007

  2. Objectives • Facilitate data-driven decision-making for department heads, deans and senior administrators • Improve timeliness, accuracy and consistency of internal and external reporting, including assessment activities • Provide means to showcase faculty contributions to UGA’s instruction, research and service missions • Meet needs of upcoming SACS reaffirmation

  3. Background • Cross-functional exploratory group formed in fall 2006 to discuss feasibility and desirability of an institutional system to capture faculty activities • A second exploratory group researched commercial and custom solution alternatives for a system to capture institutional information from student learning assessments

  4. Solution Selection Process • Reviewed the known faculty reporting systems and formats in UGA schools and colleges • Identified common data elements for faculty activity system • Vetted need for institutional assessment system with school/college administrators at Special Topics Workshop (Oct. 2006) • Recommended Digital Measures’ Activity Insight as campus-wide solution to meet both needs • Provost decided to support a commercial software solution to meet both sets of goals

  5. Opportunities • Create integrated source of faculty activity information • Create integrated source of assessment of student learning outcomes • Provide efficient, flexible, consistent reporting capabilities to satisfy internal and external needs • Use, review and improve accuracy of data from existing authoritative data sources • Enable effective, secure and appropriate campus-wide information sharing

  6. Authoritative Data Sources OFA/IR HumanResources Curriculum Systems Registrar Grad School Budget OVPR Institutional Reports SACS Reaffirmation OFA/IR Digital Measures Faculty Activity Reporting OFA/IR In-House School/College FAR Systems College Reports Departmental Reports Faculty Member Reports Assessment Reports Digital Measures Faculty Activity & Assessment Reporting Faculty CVs Faculty Current Situation Validating Authoritative Data Phase I-Populating FAAR Phase II-Institutional FAAR SACS Reaffirmation Assessment Reporting

  7. Assessment--Dashboard Existing Processes Existing Needs Decision Making Resource allocation Program management Strategic planning Personnel evaluation 5-Year Program Planning FAAR Unit Assessment Dashboard Undergrad Major Assessment Graduate Program Assessment Program Review Reporting Annual reports Assessment reports Program review reports Accreditation reports Faculty Activity Unit Data (link to OIR/FACTS)

  8. Undergraduate Major Assessment Program Mission/Goals Institutional/Unit-specific Indicators Program-level Actions Pre-filled from Existing Reports/ Ongoing use in Depts. Student Learning Outcome 1 FAAR Unit Assessment Dashboard Assessment Data on Learning Outcome Actions taken Student Learning Outcome 2 Assessment Data on Learning Outcome Actions taken

  9. Benefits to UGA and You • Provide accurate and consistent information for data-driven decision-making • Capture assessment data to facilitate process improvement • Capture faculty contributions to UGA’s instruction, research and service mission • Facilitate reporting for internal and external needs

  10. Project Highlights • Completed: • Identified common data elements and their authoritative sources • Developed a framework for outcomes assessment reporting • In progress: • Develop communication plan and training • Develop processes for populating system information from program and/or authoritative sources • Develop process for data validating and correcting authoritative sources • Phase I implementation: • Capture data for upcoming SACS reaffirmation • Phase II implementation: • Customize application for specific college needs • Continue and expand use of system for continuous improvement and reporting

  11. FAAR Working Group Thank you

  12. Activities Database Main Menu (FOR PHASE I; draft as of 11/07) General Information Personal and Contact Information Permanent Data Yearly Data Positions Held at UGA Education Faculty Development Activities Attended Licensures and Certifications Workload Information

  13. Teaching Academic/Research Advising Directed Student Learning Continuing and Non-Credit Instruction Scheduled Teaching Scholarship/Research Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research Intellectual Contributions Intellectual Property Presentations

  14. Public Service & Outreach Continuing and Non-Credit Instruction Public Service Other Service Institutional Service Professional Service Community Service