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Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Overview

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Overview

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Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Overview

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  1. Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Overview

  2. Why is Entrepreneurial thinking important?

  3. Why do we need to think differently? Because “The World Has Changed” “Wealth in the new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization; that is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.” Kevin Kelly, “New Rules for the New Economy, Wired

  4. Because “The World Has Changed” “Wealth in the new regime flows directlyfrom innovation, not optimization;that is, wealth isnot gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.” Kevin Kelly, “New Rules for the New Economy, Wired

  5. Why Entrepreneurship? Because the Old Models are broken Fortune Magazine – October 2nd, 2006 The great challenge of our era? Getting companies to change quickly enough to survive a world that's crazier and riskier than ever. Bill Ford finally joined the club just before Labor Day weekend. That's when he became the latest chief executive of a giant corporation to cop publicly to the most fundamental and alarming of business problems: His business model doesn't work anymore. He did it in an e-mail to all of Ford Motor's employees, saying, "The business model that sustained us for decades is no longer sufficient to sustain profitability."

  6. From theLondon Times

  7. New Venture Executive be a senior executive, joining a small team, extracting commercial value from our technology an individual who can challenge conventional thinking to identify opportunities. Promote our expertise, build productive partnerships, find new opportunities and lead the formation of New Ventures”

  8. Chief Growth Officer Avery, Dennison • Our Corporate Leadership Team has created a new and innovative role • This position is well suited for some who has been or is currently an entrepreneur. (TJO Added – or can think and act like one) • Reason for role: Group VPs are day to day operations but are not very focused to fill the gaps. • $ 300 to $400K to start plus bonus +benefits

  9. What is the difference between an enterprising, innovative managerand an entrepreneur?

  10. Know the reality of an E journey Entrepreneurship is a journey (not an event) It is about running a marathon and not about getting to the start line. Profile of successful entrepreneurs • 2.3 ventures • 3 to 5 years of industry experience • 4 to 7 years after an educational experience More ventures start from pain and need than come from the great idea (Vitamins versus Cipro) You need to meet to 250 strangers

  11. You will learn to think in a different way Entrepreneurship requires a different way of looking at the world. How, when and where you use these new skills sets are for you to decide. You will demonstrate as part of this boot camp, the ability to identify, define, test and deliver a viable concept. Your concept will be structured using selected tools of Feasibility. It will be executed using the Business Plan.

  12. What are the reality of start ups Interview 100 individuals who want to start a business and don’t, and ask why not? • I never had the great idea, the killer app • I couldn’t give up my day job, (mate won’t let me) • Never found anyone to give me a $million bucks

  13. Two final thought ……..# 1 Process versus Structure

  14. #2 Are You CEO Material How many of you are prepared or have already made the mind change to be a CEO of an important entity? You already are the CEO of a great company and it is called YOU, Inc

  15. Tom O’Malia Orfalea Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies 213.821.0917 213.713.5764 cell Lloyd Greif Center Marshall School of Business University of Southern California Bridge Hall One Los Angeles, CA 90089-0801