positive behavior support n.
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Positive Behavior Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support

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Positive Behavior Support

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  1. Positive Behavior Support

  2. Bus Safety Allow others to sit with you Follow bus driver directions Use quiet voices Stay seated Keep the aisle clear

  3. Hallway etiquette Voices soft Walk on right side Smile and wave Keep your hands to yourself Walking feet Move directly to your destination

  4. Arrival Walk safely and directly to your assigned area Line up quickly and quietly when bell rings Put backpack and coats in lockers Be in classroom by second bell

  5. Breakfast Get a pass from the office when the sign says open · Walk to breakfast · Eat breakfast · Clean up area · Go out Door A to assigned area

  6. Lunchroom Use the hand sanitizer Sit down at designated table Wait your turn in line Talk to each other using inside voices When dismissed, throw your garbage away and dump milk in container Stack trays properly

  7. Playground Include others Keep your body to yourself Use equipment safely and correctly Choose safe games Sticks, rocks, snow, and ice remain on the ground Return equipment to the proper place

  8. Bathroom Walk Wait your turn Use toilet correctly and flush Keep feet on the floor Allow others their privacy Use soap to wash hands Keep water in the sink Keep bathroom clean Return to class right away

  9. Dismissal Walk directly to your locker and final destination Wait patiently for your turn at your locker Close your locker door quietly Leave school with everything you need Clean up your area Say good bye in a kind way Leave school grounds by 3:45 if walking home Follow safety patrol instructions

  10. Bus Line Walk to your assigned line, sit, and remain there Use inside voices and keep hands to yourself Keep everything in your bag Ask permission before leaving the gym from the teacher at the door with the clipboard Keep backpack on your back or in your lap

  11. Assemblies Walk in quietly Sit flat on the floor in your own personal space Eyes on the speaker Silent during transitions and presentations Be polite to visitors Represent Gage well

  12. Computers Headphones plugged into the back Leave settings alone Keep monitor forward Keep focused on your work Ask staff before printing Push in your chair Clean up after yourself Log off before you leave Food and drink not allowed

  13. Indoor Recess Computers are off limits Sit in your own chair Teacher’s areas are private At least one light stays on Use paraprofessionals’ passes to leave the room Use indoor voices You may do quiet board games or homework You may write on the small white boards at your own space Balls are for outdoor use only Snacks are for designated times with your classroom teacher