positive behavior support n.
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Positive Behavior Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support

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Positive Behavior Support

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  1. Positive Behavior Support Ecole Heather Park Elementary School September 27, 2012

  2. A community working together to foster passion for learning and the discovery of skills for life. Heather Park

  3. Student behavior has a huge impact on the learning environment in any school.

  4. In order to learn, students need to feel safe.

  5. In order to learn, students have to concentrate.

  6. In order to learn, students need the skills to communicate and cooperate with others.

  7. Students that regularly behave in a disruptive or hurtful manner interfere with others’ learning.

  8. Teachers and parents agree that we must address problem behaviour. We simply cannot afford to waste valuable learning opportunities.

  9. We want to work with parents to help children at Heather Park behave in ways that are healthy and positive for everyone.

  10. However, stricter rules and more severe consequences will not improve student social skills and self-discipline.

  11. To increase positive behavior, we need to promote virtues, teach social skills and change the school environment to increase chances for student success.

  12. To achieve these goals, we propose a research backed approach called School Wide Positive Behaviour Support.

  13. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is NOT a canned program or curriculum.

  14. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is a system of strategies for reaching social and learning goals while preventing problem behavior.

  15. The SWPBS approach addresses three tiers of prevention strategies.

  16. Three Tiers of SCHOOL-WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT FEW Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior ~5% ~15% SOME Primary Prevention: School-/Classroom- Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior ALL ~80% of Students

  17. Another way to look at it Few Some All

  18. Implementing a SWPBSapproach to improving students’ social skills and preventing misbehavior at Heather Park will take at least three years.

  19. To be successful, parents, staff and students will have to work together as a supportive community.

  20. In the coming months we will invite parents to a series of interactive discussions where their input will shape our vision.

  21. Thank you for joining us tonight. We are proud to be part of this community. Together we are Heather Park