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FCMAT 2006 Update PowerPoint Presentation
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FCMAT 2006 Update

FCMAT 2006 Update

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FCMAT 2006 Update

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  1. FCMAT 2006 Update Personnel Management Delia Ruiz, Executive Officer of Human Resources January 10, 2007

  2. Legend Base score Improvement PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: PROGRESS OVER TIME In the September 2006 FCMAT report, Personnel Management improved its score to 5.2, with 4 standards scoring below 4 Personnel Management: Overall FCMAT score progression 0.96 0.64 0.60 1.16 0.16 No. of Standards with Score <4 15 15 9 5 4 0

  3. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS BY AUG. 2006 Highlights from FCMAT Report • Teacher recruitment • Drafted a Comprehensive Recruitment Plan outlining key activities and critical dates • Conducted teacher recruitment fairs • Completed transition to Unique Position Control system, requiring funding to be available before an employee may be employed and paid • Established Pay Concern Team • Staff from HR, Payroll, and Fiscal Services collaborate to identify root causes of pay concerns and appropriate resolutions • Launched On Demand training system with modules on evaluation • Labor relations • Negotiated new three-year contract with OEA • Reached a tentative agreement with SEIU • Truck Drivers ratified contract

  4. ADDITIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Accomplishments that may not be reflected in FCMAT report because they are not clearly aligned with the 25 standards being monitored • 99.5% of classroom positions filled by the first day of school. 12 regular classroom vacancies: 8 regular, 4 special education, 0 math and 0 science • 12% increase since June in highly qualified teacher status • Increase since June in highly qualified paraprofessional status • 5% increase in average substitute teacher fill rate from 2005-06 • Conversion to improved substitute teacher system • Technology initiatives to improve systems

  5. PLAN TO ADDRESS FCMAT RECOMMENDATIONS Sept. 2006 ratings 2006-07 efforts • Standards with scores of 5 or higher (18 standards) Enhance current efforts to continue to improve • Standards with scores of 4 and below (7 standards) Focus areas for 2006-07

  6. FOCUS ON STANDARDS WITH A SCORE OF 4 OR BELOW Organization and Planning Key Initiatives to Implement FCMAT Recommendations: • HR activities calendars have been developed for administrator use, as well as for use by HR staff • Calendar is reviewed as a part of regular department meetings to identify priorities, project leads, resources and activities

  7. FOCUS ON STANDARDS WITH A SCORE OF 4 OR BELOW Operational Procedures Key Initiatives to Implement FCMAT Recommendations: • Obtaining clarification regarding FCMAT terminology and expectations regarding desk manuals vs. operation manuals • Operations Procedures Manual and Hiring Managers’ Electronic Notebook contain extensive reference material used by HR staff • HR will compile existing and new content into a desk manual that is tailored to specific HR jobs and more in line with FCMAT expectations

  8. FOCUS ON STANDARDS WITH A SCORE OF 4 OR BELOW Positions and Position Descriptions Key Initiatives to Implement FCMAT Recommendations: • Compensation and Classification study (see next slide for detail)

  9. Compensation & Classification Study: Overview The Comp and Class Study has begun • Examining compensation and classification of all employees • Outlining new job families, job descriptions, and salary ranges • New job descriptions will be written and presented to Board for approval • Job descriptions will be in compliance with ADA requirements and will contain essential functions • Board Policies related to employee compensation will be revised and presented to Board for approval following study completion

  10. FOCUS ON STANDARDS WITH A SCORE OF 4 OR BELOW State and Federal Compliance Key Initiatives to Implement FCMAT Recommendations: • HR will establish clearer and more consistent procedures for processing and monitoring FMLA • HR has distributed FMLA flyer for posting Once defined, procedures will be communicated to employees • Comp & Class study will create new job descriptions that integrate essential job functions for ADA compliance • Risk Management will redesign process for reasonable accommodations and develop training manual for staff

  11. CONCLUSION • We expect that by the end of 2007, we will complete the initiatives outlined in this presentation • To be able to reach our target score for Personnel Management, HR needs: • Support in completing the Comp & Class Study • Support getting technology projects accomplished • Consistency of HR staff • With persistent staff effort and adequate support, we are confident that we can improve the FCMAT score for Personnel Management to 6.16


  13. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE STANDARDS RATED 5+ Organization and Planning Communications: Internal/External

  14. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE STANDARDS RATED 5+ Certificated Recruitment and Selection Classified Recruitment and Selection

  15. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE STANDARDS RATED 5+ Employee Induction and Orientation Operational Procedures

  16. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE STANDARDS RATED 5+ Use of Technology Staff Training Evaluation

  17. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE STANDARDS RATED 5+ Employer/Employee Relations Employee Benefits/ Workers’ Compensation