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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

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  1. Christopher Columbus Write in your notebo0k the answer to the following question: Why do you think Columbus is a great explorer?

  2. AGE OF CONTACT:European Exploration of New Spain

  3. But the Indians Were So Happy… High Plains • Then, we added some PEOPLE in Texas and looked at how these people ADAPTED to their GEOGRAPHY (environment) Rolling Plains Cross Timbers Blackland Prairie Piney Woods Grand Prairie Mountains & Basins Post Oak Belt Llano Basin Edwards Plateau Gulf Coast Plains South Texas Plains • Now… it’s time to see what happens when people from ANOTHER WORLD discover the area that would become TEXAS When we began our story, we explored the beautiful and varied GEOGRAPHY of Texas

  4. New World vs. Old World France mostly claimed what would become the Midwestern U.S. and Louisiana England FRANCE France England mostly claimed the East Coast of North America ENGLAND Spain SPAIN Spain mostly claimed what would be Mexico, California , Florida and TEXAS These new people in the New World came from three countries: Spain, France, and England

  5. Three Reasons for SPANISH EXPLORATION • The SPANISH had reasons for coming to this New World (the French and English came for different reasons): • Gold– Rumors of GOLD – made men believe they could get rich quickly • Glory (to be FAMOUS)– To be found in the adventure and in the LAND they might claim, making them rich instead of poor sailors • God– Some (not all) went believing that they must bring their religious beliefs to these new, native people discovered in the New World (the Americas), and that God would reward them for doing it

  6. How It All Started Spain • Christopher Columbus • Looking for a route to China • Looking for riches and power • Expansion of Catholicism • Wanted to spread the Spanish religion to Asia

  7. But there was a little something in his way… The Americas What actually happened was this… Spain The Indies Columbus The Indies Columbus thought he could do this… The Americas Columbus Columbus

  8. Christopher Columbus • The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria • Columbus’ ships, given to him by the Spanish king and queen • Found land on October 12, 1492 • Thought they were in the Indies. • Named land San Salvador in the Carribean • Actually landed in the Bahamas • Called the natives “indios” (but actually named the Taino people) • Even after the blunder Spain agreed to fund more expeditions.

  9. The Spanish Arrive 1492-1519 • Wanted to establish colonies in the Indies • Called the colonies “New Spain” • Early expeditions and shipwrecked travelers • Reports of large wealthy cities in the interior of the continent. • Explorers loved their country, but also wanted wealth for themselves • Known as Conquistadors

  10. The Conquistadors • Conquistador – a Spanish soldier who sought riches and power for themselves, and wealth and glory for Spain, in the conquest of the Americas (1500s) • Important Explorers That Were Never in Texas: • Christopher Columbus • Hernan Cortes • Conquistadors that were involved with Texas: • Alonzo Alvarez Piñeda • AlvarNuñezCabeza de Vaca • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado • Luis de Moscoso • Don Juan de Oñate