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The Moon

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The Moon

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  1. The Moon What is the moon? The moon is the Earths only natural Satellite.

  2. The moon Where did the moon come from? Top theory: the moon was created when a large planet-like object crashed into the earth. A ring of dust formed like Saturn The dust eventually clustered into the moon

  3. The Moon

  4. The moon How long does it take the moon to spin on its axis? Moon rotation = 27.3 days How long does it take the moon to orbit Earth? Moon revolution = 27.3 days. What does it mean that Revolution and Rotation are equal? Phase lock – Gravity has locked the same side of the moon to always face us. The side we don’t see is called the dark side. The first time it was seen was by Russian Satellites.

  5. The Moon If I just saw this Moon tonight, Could I tell if it was getting larger Or smaller each night? Waxing Moon –New Moons (new crescent) Light on Right = larger each night. (Adding wax) (Right Arm) Waning Moon –Old Moons (old Gibbous) Left light = less light (light left) (Bugs Bunny / Elmer Fudd)

  6. Moon Cycle. How long does it take for the Moon to Orbit the Earth? 27.3 Days (revolution) How long does it take to go from a New moon to a New Moon.

  7. Since the Earth is orbiting the Sun as the Moon orbits the Earth it does not line up after 1 Revolution. The Moon needs about 2 additional days to go Back to its original phase. 29.5 days = 1 full cycle Month = Moon Blue Moon? Rarely a month has 2 full moons. That is a Blue Moon.

  8. The Moon Is the moons orbit flat around the Earth? The moon orbits on an angle around the Earth. (~5%) Because of this angle, the Moon, Sun and Earth rarely line up

  9. Eclipse What is an Eclipse? An eclipse is a horrible movie about Vampires who sparkle in the day light.

  10. Eclipse An Eclipse is when something gets blocked. Eclipse gum blocks bad breath. A solar eclipse is when the Sun gets blocked. A lunar eclipse is when the Moon gets blocked.

  11. Eclipse How can the Moon Block the Sun if the Sun is so much larger. The Moon and Sun have the same apparent diameter because the moon is so much closer.

  12. Are eclipse common? An eclipse only happens when The Sun and Moon perfectly line up. About once or twice a year.

  13. Lunar Eclipse

  14. Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)

  15. Umbra – The Umbra is the darkest part of an eclipse. Gives total eclipse.

  16. Blood moon- When the Moon is fully in shadow long red wave lengths can still hit the surface causing a red coloring.

  17. Penumbra – The penumbra is a partial shadow. Some light rays reach Gives: Partial eclipse

  18. Solar Eclipse (New Moon)

  19. Partial Solar Eclipse Part of the Sun is blocked by the Moon. Located at the Penumbra Total Solar Eclipse. The Moon fully covers the Sun. Located at the Umbra