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  1. DO NOW Get out academic vocabulary books! Relevance Academic Vocabulary Word #13 Please write the word and the date in your vocabulary book, but do NOT write anything else.

  2. Reminders: • One week from TOMORROW, students will be giving speeches. • You must have ALL research completed by Tuesday/Wednesday (3-4 source pages). If you don’t think you’ll finish… • work during lunch • work during Wednesday morning support • see me to work after school • By the end of TODAY, you must have a claim and know which two IB learner profiles you will focus on. TODAY, look for RELEVANT EVIDENCE that will support your claim.

  3. Relevance Relevant Evidence Example 1 Violent video games prevent students from being principled because they cause violence. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: : A study by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University found that 60% of middle school boys who played at least one M-rated game physically hurt someone, compared to 39% of boys who did not play M-rated games. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: A 2009 study found that youth who play violent video games have lower belief in the use of nonviolent strategies and are less forgiving than players of nonviolent video games. • IRRELEVANT EVIDENCE:In 2008, the video game industry generated a total of $11.7 billion.

  4. RelevanceRelevant Evidence Example 2 Social media sites are good for students because it helps them become better communicators. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: According to a report completed by Common Sense Media, 52% of teens using social media say that using the sites has helped their relationships with friends, and 88% say that social media helps them stay in touch with friends they cannot see regularly. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: In the same report, more than 25% of teens say that social networking makes them feel less shy and that they are able to talk to others more easily • IRRELEVANT EVIDENCE: 67% of law enforcement professionals think social media helps solve crimes more quickly.

  5. RelevanceRelevant Evidence Example 3 Listening to music while studying or doing homework can help a student be a better thinker. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: Clinical Psychologist Dr. Emma Gray of The British Counselling Service in London found that students who listen to classical music with 60-70 beats per minute while studying score on average 12% higher on math exams. • RELEVANT EVIDENCE: A research team at Stanford University showed that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory. • IRRELEVANT EVIDENCE:Neuroscientist and musician, JamshedBharucha states , “Creative domains, like music, allow humans to connect, helping us develop a group identity and makes us more likely to work together.”

  6. RelevanceRelevant Questions Mrs. Drum asks, “Does anyone have questions about tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz?” • RELEVANT QUESTTION: Jimmy asks, “Is the test multiple choice like the last one?” • RELEVANT QUESTION: Lisa asks, “Will the quiz have any words from list one or two?” • IRRELEVANT QUESTION: Tommy asks, “Do you know if the dance has been rescheduled yet?”

  7. Relevance • Take three minutes to • write down some descriptions of the word relevance. These are YOUR OWN ideas, not someone else’s, so don’t talk about them yet. • jot down related terms • draw a picture/symbol that you think relates to the term (and can help you remember the term)