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El Dorado High School Hazard Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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El Dorado High School Hazard Communication

El Dorado High School Hazard Communication

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El Dorado High School Hazard Communication

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  1. El Dorado High SchoolHazard Communication Your “Right to Know”

  2. Agenda Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) Fire Diamond Safety Symbols

  3. Hazard Communication Material Safety Data Sheets

  4. Hazard CommunicationMaterial Safety Data Sheets Company Information Hazardous Ingredients Physical Data Fire and Explosion Data Health Hazard Data Reactivity Data Spill & Leak Procedures Special Protection Information Special Precautions

  5. Material Safety Data Sheets:Your Rights 1. Your school and even an employer must have MSDS information available for every hazardous substance you use as part of your job.

  6. Material Safety Data Sheets:Your Rights 2. These MSDS sheets must be available to you the entire time you are in the laboratory or workplace.

  7. Material Safety Data Sheets:Your Rights 3. If you request to see a copy of an MSDS for a product you use, and your employer cannot provide it after one working day, you may refuse to use that product or work in an area where it is being used.

  8. Material Safety Data Sheets:Your Rights 4. At the workplace, if you request your own personal copy of an MSDS, your employer has 15 days to provide it.

  9. Hazard Communication NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Diamonds

  10. Labeling and Marking SystemsNFPA Diamonds Color coded, numerical rating system Will be located near main entrances, fire alarm panels, or on outside entrance doors Provide at-a-glance hazard information

  11. Labeling and Marking SystemsNFPA Diamonds Blue = Health Red = Flammability Yellow = Reactivity White = Special hazard information

  12. Labeling and Marking SystemsNFPA Diamonds 4= Deadly Hazard 3= Serious Hazard 2= Moderate Hazard 1= Slight Hazard 0= Minimal Hazard

  13. Flammability

  14. Health Hazard


  16. Special Hazards Oxidizing Material Acid Alkaline or Base Corrosive OX ACID ALK COR Unusual reactivity with water Radioactive

  17. What does this NFPA Diamond mean? 3 4 2 W

  18. Labeling and Marking SystemsHMIS Labels You should never have any unattended, unlabeled containers in your workplace!

  19. Labeling and Marking SystemsUniform Laboratory Signage Located on laboratory and chemical storage area doors Pictographs depict worst hazards present in lab or area

  20. Lab Safety SymbolsFound in your textbook Glassware Heat Eye and Face Sharps Electrical Animal Chemical Fire

  21. Other Chemical Hazards and Symbols Flammable Explosive Toxic/Poison Irritant Corrosive Environmental

  22. Chemical Hazard Symbols and Definitions Flammable– Any substance that will burn if exposed to an open flame. Explosive– A substance that may explode if exposed to heat or flame.

  23. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  24. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  25. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  26. What’s Wrong With These Statements? • Hal says that his teacher is solely responsible for preventing laboratory accidents. • Keshia started the lab activity before reading it through completely. • Ricardo decided to do a lab activity that he read about in a library book before the teacher came into the classroom. • Stephanie says that the safety goggles mess up her hair and give her raccoon eyes. She refuses to wear them. • Barbie and Ken accidentally break a beaker full of some chemical. Instead of risking getting in trouble they quickly clean up the mess with paper towel and throw it in the garbage.

  27. Compare and Contrast 2 Chemicals Build a table that answers the following things about your assigned chemicals: 1. Appearance 2.First aid measures 3. How to dispose it. 4. Storage 5. Fire Fighting Measures 6. Spill Below your table, write a paragraph that compares and contrasts your 2 chemicals. On the back of the paper draw and color a safety diamond for each one of your chemicals