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  1. “We live in different countries on different continents nevertheless we can learn together in a common digital classroom with teachers from all over the world taking care of each other.”

  2. Interdisciplinary, modern communication Learning Areas Levels 10-18 years Objectives Supporting students by taking on more responsibility ,anytime-anywhere learning, building of learning communities Description Responsible Learning in Future Developing of a digital learning platform gives students the chance of improving their abilities and working together with teachers and pupils all over the world Software Keywords MS Sharepoint Learning Kit, MS Office, MS Class Server, MS Encarta, other editors Digital learning, media competence,equal opportunities,connected learning community, scorm standards Authors Elke Mayer, Günter Hoffmann, Comprehensive school Bellevue, Saarbrücken, Germany Documents

  3. Teacher Planning • Stimulated by the following studies such as PISA, Bertelsmann, UNESCO we started our project to give also students with a difficult social background the chance of improving their abilities and being personally responsible for the learning. • Our vision has nearly come true: most of our students will have personal resources for anytime and anywhere learning. • Toreach this great target we developped our digital learning platform with our partners ( Microsoft, Ministry of education, local school authority, IT-companies). • In the following time we hope to find partner schools all over the world to build a learning community and to have the chance of exchanging our experiences and resources. Background & Planning: A picture of the origin and objectives of the learning project, including the manner in which the project was planned and managed. Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better feeling for how the project was implemented. Click the documents to help you understand the context of this exemplary learning project. Documents

  4. Teaching Resources • The following power point presentation gives you a short overview about the topics: • Common Portal • School Site • Class Site • Libraries • Sending tasks to students • Sending learning units • The Logins

  5. Assessment and Standards Our project is transdisciplinary and therefore we cannot define special objectives. Key skills such as working with the media and using information and communication technologies anchored in our curriculum are gaining more importance. The authors select learning resources and decide how to relate to the curriculum guidelines.

  6. The Vision-join the world of learning…… student class school World of learning student class school student class school school class student to get fit for the future

  7. The next steps Finding new ways of collaborating by using: Skype MSN-chat, project groups and project weeks across the countries, school e-learning camps To get an impression of the variety and complexity of our world of learning, please view our second laptop and try the functionality live.

  8. Teacher and School Information Geamtschule Bellevue SaarbrückenAm Hagen 166117 SaarbrückenTel.: 0049-681-926200 Fax: 0049-681-9262017 E-Mail: Elke MayerTel.: 0049-6897-54325 E-Mail: Günter HoffmannTel.: 0049-6806-922502 E-Mail: g.hoffmann@ibiz-gmbh.bizMobil: 0049172-7813325