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ICT Across the Curriculum. Project Overview. Learning Areas. Levels. Primary 1. Objectives.

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  1. ICT Across the Curriculum Project Overview Learning Areas Levels Primary 1 Objectives To introduce ICT toys into the P1 classroom to help transition for pupils moving from Nursery into Primary 1. To create a fun environment where they are using familiar toys to build confidence and therefore support learning. Description It was planned to run a pilot project to support transition and raise the awareness of the potential of using ICT to support continuity in children’s learning. This would be in line with Dundee City Council’s strategy – Learning Together in Dundee, and its ICT Development Plan. Software Keywords Photostory 3 ICT; Toys; Transition; Early Years; Primary 1; Planned Play; Active Learning Authors Lorraine Munro, READ Nursery Nurse, Dens Road Primary, Dundee Theresa Mungall, ICT Staff Tutor: Early Years, Dundee City Council Documents

  2. Teacher Planning and Management Background & Planning: The focus was on developing spontaneous, planned and purposeful play using a range of ICT resources in line with the emphasis on active learning in curriculum planning. This project is taking place in Dens Road primary school which has a nursery class attached. The ICT resources are to be used in the P1 class. Many of these resources, or similar ones, can be found in most nursery schools and classes in Dundee. The familiarity and confidence with these will enable efficient and effective use, empowering children to become more successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. Click the sound icon to listen to the READ Nursery Nurse discussing the implementation of ICT Toys into the classroom. Documents Transition Play Programme LTScotland website

  3. Teaching Resources • The project took place over the first two terms of children beginning in Dens Road PS. The children were introduced to a selection of ICT toys and these were integrated into the play programme already in place in the classroom. Children were given the opportunity to experience these along with other aspects of ICT which were already in place within the classroom. • Among the ICT toys introduced were: • BeeBots • Electronic Photo Book • Musical Number Mat Documents BeeBot Website Role Play Toys

  4. Assessment and Standards The teachers involved completed a transition evaluation form (the results can be viewed below). A small group of children were also chosen to evaluate their learning using the ‘Yellow Box’ video booth. This gave the opportunity to use an innovative tool that children could use independently. For the purposes of the ‘Yellow Box’ the focus was on the Photo Book which was an aspect of the whole project. A slideshow was created using Photostory 3. The images demonstrate the use the children made of the ICT resources and provide a visual assessment of the project and highlight the standards that were achieved. Documents Photostory 3 Download Yellow Box

  5. Teacher and School Information Dens Road Primary School Dundee Miss Rian Davies – Class Teacher Mrs Lorraine Munro – READ Nursery Nurse • Next Steps • Nursery to integrate ICT resources into planning for children in their pre-school year. • Teachers to recognise the ICT skills children start P1 with and build upon these. • Use the Yellow Box in future to gain pupils’ perspectives of ICT initiatives. HMIE Report Web link to information about Dens Road Primary School

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