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History, Art, Finnish language, IT, English, Swedish. Project Overview. Learning Areas. Levels. 11-17 years, Primary School, High School and Secondary School. Objectives.

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  1. History, Art, Finnish language, IT, English, Swedish Project Overview Learning Areas Levels 11-17 years, Primary School, High School and Secondary School Objectives Ancient Greece history, Ancient art, Writing skills (content, style and theory), Information search, how to use references, IP rights on web (especially pictures), language skills, IT-skills Description The Ancient Greece - work got its beginning from the need to adapt an alternative pedagogical model (learn to understand), from the pupils' interest in the history, pupils well developed IT- skills, the lack of the hours and from the scope of the curriculum in the history in the relation to the time resources. The pupils' enthusiasm and the practiced skills, in the use of IT supported traditional learning projects was the ground. This inspired us teachers to test and adapt the model of the progressive inquiry. Software Keywords MS Office Word, PaintShopPro, Hot Potatoes, Web designer tools, Media Player, digital camera and scanner, MSPhotostory, Wikispaces, MindMeister, MSPublisher, MSPowerPoint Ancient Greece, collaborative working(distributed expertise), knowledge building, progressive inquiry, IT Authors Minna Perokorpi-Sulin, Markku Antinluoma The Huhtinen Primary School, Porvoo, Finland> Please visit the web-site (the final product of the project) : The Ancient Greece The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland Documents

  2. The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland L’école primaire de Huhtinen Teacher Planning and Management Click the documents below to help you understand the context of this exemplary learning project: Background & Planning: Project based on need to learn history by understanding and make learning more motivating. Collaboration over 4 subjects was needed to get all the aspects project done well. Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better feeling for how the project was implemented. Documents

  3. The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland L’école primaire de Huhtinen Teaching Resources Student Project Overview: Project based on Finland’s National curriculum’s targets and content on history, Arts, Swedish and English language Finnish, information technology. Teamwork collaboration inspired shy pupils to be more active and developed all pupils team and croup working skills. On TVT side target was to get pupils to use ICT in as many forms as possible. Project target was to make high quality learning and content and obviously that demand motivated pupils a lot. Cross subject collaboration supported pupils capacity to solve complex problems. Their project management and responsibility skills developed. Also the way to learn and using ICT mad learning more relevant and motivating. Using pupil skills and different learning styles also raised the level of learning. Pupils also made learning objects for each other so they had to take the role of mentor and learner. Placing historical events to the time line was experienced as difficult, especially when the different matters take place at the same time and in many separate places. At the stage of construction of the context, some of the pupils supposed that out of this does not become anything and that everything is chaos. Pairs of pupils chose a interesting subject of the Ancient Greece to examine. Of this subject, the problems, in the teachers' control (a formulation of the problem), were set. These subjects were studied by becoming acquainted with different source of materials. The work started on the basis of an own working theory. Documents

  4. The Process according to progressive inquiry

  5. Distributed Expertise The Minsterworth School, UK 2 School assistants of the Huhtinen School Teachers of Linnajoki Upper Secondary School Distributed Expertise Teachers of both classes and Teachers of Linnajoki High School Some students of The Linnankoski High School and Linnajoki Upper Secondary School Classes 6A And 6B of the Huhtinen School The 1st School of The Platykampos, Greece

  6. Working by applying Progressive inquiry Creating working theories Setting up the Context and presenting research problems New Theory Critical evaluationand searching deepening knowledge Developing deepening problems

  7. The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland L’école primaire de Huhtinen Assessment and Standards Click the documents below to see the assessment rubrics and standards cover in this learning project: Assessment Rubrics: Role in content production, Success in normal exams, text content and writing quality, Pupils assessment level was 20% higher than normal. Mapping the Standards: Ancient Greece history, Informative text writing skills and reference using, Art forms in Ancient Greece, English and Finnish language skills Finnish national board of education Information society skills: Web publishing, Text processing, digital pictures, IP rights, using voice over text Documents

  8. The Primary School of HuhtinenHuhtisentie 7 06100 PORVOOhuhtisen.koulu@porvoo.fi019-5202522 The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland L’école primaire de Huhtinen High quality education in safe surroundings Huhtinen School started functioning in 1995. The expansion of the school was built during 2002 and 2003. In 2007 there are 25 teachers and 7 school assistants working in our school. The number of pupils is roughly 290. There is also a day-care center functioning in the same building and some partners of our school arrange afternoon activities like music and sports clubs in the school premises. At Huhtinen School the teaching practice aims at high quality elementary education of classes from 1 to 6 in safe surroundings. There are up-to-date premises including a well equipped school yard, a gym, a dining hall and special classrooms for information technology music, needlework and handicraft. The school year is divided into three periods: each of them having their own theme. The themes change yearly and they vary from environmental issues to festive traditions. The school also co-operates with the day care Center. Moreover, it has joined in an international Comenius-project 2007-2009 with schools in Great Britain, Italy, Holland. Read School presentation in France and in Swedish from next pages

  9. The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, Finland L’école primaire de Huhtinen • Enseignement de haut niveau dans un climat de sécurité • L’école primaire de Huhtinen a ouvert ses portes en 1995. Des travaux d’extension ont eu lieu en 2002 et 2003. • En 2007, l’école compte 25 enseignants et 7 assistants scolaires. Le nombre d’élèves avoisine les 290. Dans le même bâtiment, une crèche accueille les enfants en bas âge. Divers partenaires de notre école – tels que des clubs de musique et de sport – organisent des activités périscolaires dans nos locaux. Notre établissement se propose d’offrir un enseignement de haut niveau pendant les six premières années de la scolarité obligatoire dans un climat de sécurité. • Les locaux de l’école sont dotés d’équipements des plus modernes : une cour de récréation avec des jeux, un gymnase, une cantine ainsi que des classes pour des activités spécialisées, telles que l’informatique, la musique, les travaux manuels… • L’année scolaire est divisée en trois trimestres, chacun avec un thème différent. Ces thèmes varient d’année en année et s’intéressent à un large éventail : des questions environnementales aux traditions culturelles. L’école coopère également avec la crèche. De 2007 à 2009, l’école de Huhtinen participe au projet international Comenius avec d’autres écoles, britanniques, italiennes et hollandaises.

  10. Högklassig grundundervisning i en trygg omgivningHuhtinen skola blev färdig år 1995 och utvidgningen togs i bruk i augusti 2003. Nu har vår skola fina och moderna utrymmen och en bra utrustning. Skolan har nu fått bland annat den efterlängtande gymnastiksalen samt en textil- och slöjdklass, datakommunikationsklass och matsal. Skolgården är trivsam och lekställningar finns det också ett antal. Vid skolan finns det också ett näridrottsområde som är nästan färdigt. Under läsåret 2006-2007 finns det 290 elever och 25 lärare samt 7 skolgångsbiträden. I nedre våningen finns det Kuutamopolun päiväkoti som har två förskolgrupper och en syskongrupp. Skolans samarbet-partner arrangerar i mån av möjlighet olika eftermiddagsaktiviteter i skolans utrymmen. Skolåret är delat i tre perioder och varje period har sitt eget tema. Vi koncentrerar oss på högklassig grundundervisning i en trygg omgivning, internationell undervisning med Comenius-projekt, att slå vakt om traditionella festligheter och gott samarbete med dag-hemmet. The Huhtinen School, Porvoo, FinlandL’école primaire de HuhtinenHuktis skola

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