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Chromatography. Project Overview. Learning Areas. Levels. Key Stage 3  Mixed ability group (12 - 14). Objectives. Describe chromatography of ink Carry out a Chromatography investigation Use of Word, Power Point, or Photo Story to report findings. Description.

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  1. Chromatography Project Overview Learning Areas Levels Key Stage 3  Mixed ability group (12 - 14) Objectives • Describe chromatography of ink • Carry out a Chromatography investigation • Use of Word, Power Point, or Photo Story to report findings Description • Pupils carry out a Chromatography experiment acting as real Forensic Scientists in a role play in which a crime scene has been set up before the lesson. At the end of the investigation the children will report their results and conclusions in one of three forms: • A forensic report in Word (sentence starters are embedded) • A Power Point presentation • A documentary, or news report done in Photo Story Software Keywords Photo Story, PowerPoint, Word Chromatography, Forensic Science, Dyes, Separation Techniques, Investigation, Crime Scene, Test Tube, Chromatography/Filter Paper, Beaker, Test Tube Rack Authors AlessioBernardelli, Croesyceiliog School (formerly St Cenydd School), Cwmbran, Wales> Documents

  2. Teacher Planning and Management Click the documents below to help you understand the context of this exemplary learning project: Background & Planning: The key point for the success of this project is how it is dressed up. In other words it is essential that the teacher sets up the scene very thoroughly. The learners should be told that they are not entering a classroom, but a forensic lab… The lab should contain an area in which the crime scene has been set up, e.g. the outline of a body should be drawn on the floor and the surroundings taped off. The learners should be given lab coats, gloves and nice safety glasses to help them entering the part. Photos of the crime scene and of the significant parts of the investigation should be taken throughout the activity by either learners in each group or the teacher. These photos will be then used by the pupils in their reports. Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better feeling for how the project was implemented. Documents

  3. Teaching Resources Click the documents below to view the teaching resources used in the teaching of this learning project: Student Project Overview: Pupils carry out a chromatography experiment and report using the software of their choice from Word, Power Point, or Photo Story. Pupils’ Work Click here to download Photo Story Documents

  4. Assessment and Standards Click the documents below to see the assessment rubrics and standards cover in this learning project: Assessment Rubrics: Examples of assessment rubrics provided to students showing how the project was assessed. Mapping the Standards: Mapping this project’s learning objectives against curriculum standards. National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS): Performance indicators for technology-literate students. Documents

  5. Teacher and School Information Croesyceiliog School Croesyceiliog School, Woodland Rd, Croesyceiliog School, Cwmbran, NP44 2YB Telephone: 00441633645900 Comprehensive School No. of pupils: 1600 Age: 11 – 18 Mr Alessio Bernardelli (Deputy Team Leader of Science) Int. Tel. No.: +44 (0)1633 645939 E-mail: aso.ber@ntlworld.com URL: http://www.physica-emc2.com

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