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  1. Nature Science Project Overview Learning Areas Levels Upper Secondary school Objectives - That the students can obtain knowledge about biodiversity and sustainable development. - That the students shall be able to give constructive proposals how to interact and collaborate over the borders. - That the students shall prepare the collaboration around the project. Software Keywords PowerPoint, Photostory, MSN messenger The project the students perform is ment to give them deeper knowledge about animals, nature and environment.The purpose is to make the students see the hole picture in their education and get deeper knowledge about animals and nature. We invite authorities, the business world and international collaboratorsto a seminar with workshop. This also includes an exchange with our twin school in Madagascar! Bitte Kajler Nature Science Teacher Webroom Biodiversity Authors Documents Biodiversity Madagascar

  2. Teacher and student Planning and Management To give the students the overall picture of their education and also an interesting alignment we have a oncept for the project. Rewiev the projects structure and meaning. The students come up with proposals about a conceivable work within the subjects of the education. The extern lecturers will be asked if they want to be co-valuators when the students present their work. The students will be encouraged to use their own creativity in the process. They can willingly use different technical "aids" such as music, digitalcameras etc. The product of their work can be something they can use at their exhibition in their senior year.

  3. Teaching Resources Seminarie class 2 Twinschool Student project class 3 Removed to reduce file size Removed to reduce file size Removed to reduce file size Pictures twinschool Twinschool movie Removed to reduce file size Exhibition Skansen-Akvariet Documents

  4. Assessment and StandardsThe pupils will be interviewed before the project begins so that they will reflect over their own participation and motivation.At the end of the project they will write an evaluation. Educational goalThe chosen task is guided by the goals of the programme.The core of the Natural resource programme is the resources that make life possible on earth. Natural resources is a global issue and influence all living on earth, since the way mankind cultivate the land has an influence on the ecosystems and form the environment. This work gives us an opportunity to strengthen and develop skills in an area that is vital for the education. The education provides knowledge that the earth’s resources are definite and the importance of conservation of biodiversity. Examples of assessment:

  5. Teacher and School Information Birgitta KajlerTeacher Upper Secondary school natural resource youth, animal care.I have been working as a teacher for 10 years and as a veterinary nurse for 18 years. The possibilities given to me and my students by all digital and IT resources feels exciting to develop with our fantastic Animal Care Department. Spånga Upper Secondary School It all started in the beginning of the 1970's when Owe Sandström came to this schoolas a student teacher. His interest, enthusiasm and knowledge of animals caught onto the students and the idea was to make biology studies more living. Slowly by slowly an animal institution grew up. In the tropical institution you can study both tropical and subtropical species, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and arthropods. The bam houses twenty-five species, among them animals from the traditional Swedish culture such as goats, fowls, ducks, and rabbits. In the mouse laboratory there are eight different species represented. Today there is a total of around 1200 animals on the school, divided on 100 species.