world war m the end of marketing as we know it n.
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World War M PowerPoint Presentation
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World War M

World War M

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World War M

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  1. World War M The end of Marketing as we know it.

  2. Before the war our lives felt uncluttered

  3. We had time for the more important things in life

  4. Even marketers did not present an intrusion

  5. The internet, email and social media changed all that.

  6. We unleashed an unprecedented information overload.

  7. A significant contributor to this overload is sales and marketing information.

  8. World War M is overwhelming!

  9. We’ve managed to mentally wall ourselves off from its incessant attacks.

  10. We’ve developed tools to block its intrusions.

  11. For those in marketing the effort to get over the wall is an increasingly desperate struggle.

  12. The war is not against the marketer but against the uninspiring sales clutter they unleash.

  13. Now their best hope of redemption is to create marketing that people love.

  14. This means marketing content that's useful or entertaining and without a hint of selling.

  15. Marketing that offers the right information to the right person, at the right time.

  16. In time people will reach out to rescue the marketer from the land of the damned.

  17. … and give him permission to sell.

  18. The New Rules of Marketing: A Strong Brand: This is so people can remember you but used purely as a delivery mechanism. Gas: Get the package to where the audience is. String: An unobtrusive link to you brand. Definitely no sales strings attached. Packaging: Attention grabbing and engaging, Content: Something the target audience will find really useful or entertaining. Don’t do any selling. If your content is good people will ask you about your products and services.

  19. You CAN win this war!

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