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Traveling. Lodging & Transportation. Lodgin g --Hotels. Reservations : Make reservations by phone, e-mail or online and specify: day/night of stay, extra bed, etc. Check-in & check-out: Observe the check-in and check-out time. Arrange early check-in or late check-out if needed.

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  1. Traveling Lodging & Transportation

  2. Lodging--Hotels • Reservations: • Make reservations by phone, e-mail or online and specify: day/night of stay, extra bed, etc. • Check-in & check-out: • Observe the check-in and check-out time. • Arrange early check-in or late check-out if needed. • Let the bellman or doorman to take your luggage to your room or hail a cab for you. And tip them. • At hotel lobby or other public areas: • Wear decent clothes and shoes (No slippers). • Do not run around or talk too loud.

  3. Hotels—cont’d 4. In the hotel room: • Turn the TV or radio at reasonable volume. • Free TV and Paid TV • Mini Bar & complimentary coffee • Use only the electronic appliances provided by the hotel, (e.g. hairdryer, coffee maker, and iron) or small appliances such as the electric shaver or cell phone/camera recharger. • Don’t cook in your hotel room. • Put the shower curtain inside the bathtub before taking a shower. • Keep the bathroom floor and the basin counter dry.

  4. In the hotel room—cont’d • Hang-dry your clothes only in the bathroom and put the garments that need to be dry cleaned in the bag provided by the hotel. • If there are two toilet bowls in the bathroom, use the one that you are familiar with. • Do not take anything that belong to the hotel room as souvenirs. (Items for consumption are exceptional: tooth brush, soap, shampoo, conditioner and stationeries.) • Do not smoke in a non-smoking room.

  5. In the hotel room—cont’d • When asking for room service or other special services, remember to tip the person who provides the service to you. • Lock your valuables in the safe in your room or leave them with the front desk to be kept in the hotel safe. • Check where the emergency exit is after settling down in your room.

  6. Lodging—B&Bs B&B– Bed and Breakfast advantages: fewer people, home-environment, rich in local/cultural information disadvantages: less luxurious, less convenient • Be polite to your host/hostess. • When in public areas, wear decent clothes and shoes. • Observe table manners. • Give at least one-day notice to your host if you need special services, e.g. dinner. • Clean the kitchen after using it if you’re allowed to cook. • Clean the bathroom after using it.

  7. B&Bs—cont’d • Do not smoke inside the house—not in your own room, the bathroom, or any other rooms. • Do not disturb the host/hostess’s daily rituals. (For example: Don’t take their seats when watching TV.) • Respect the host family’s privacy. • Don’t talk too loud. • Observe small talk etiquette. Avoid sensitive topics, such as race, politics, and religion. • If you are allowed to use anything, put it back to where it belongs after using it.

  8. B&B—cont’d • Do not eat or use anything that you’re not supposed to. • Find out if you need to pay for making local phone calls before using it. • Remember to pay for the long distance phone calls that you made. • Don’t talk on the phone for too long. • Don’t leave the house too early or come back too late. If unusual schedule is unavoidable, inform your host beforehand.

  9. Lodging—Youth Hotel Advantages: inexpensive, getting to know young people from all over the world • Membership: • Need passport, picture and processing fee • Valid for one year; renewable • Can be done before or after arrival • Days of staying: no longer than three days at some place • Rooms: Size varies. Usually use “beds” as units of reservations, not rooms.

  10. Youth Hotel—cont’d 4. Furnishing in the rooms: • Simple—usually only a bed and a closet. • Expect bunk beds at some places. 5. Service Everything is self service: • Bring your own luggage to your room. • Get the sheets, blankets and other linens at the check-in counter. • Make your own bed. 6. Shared Bathroom Some shower rooms are only divided by walls with no doors or curtains to keep them private.

  11. Youth Hotel—cont’d 7. Meal Service: Breakfast is usually included. Dinner charges extra. • Other Services: currency exchange, postal service, stamps, and phone cards, automatic laundry mate • Curfew: Doors are usually closed at 11 p.m. or midnight for safety reasons. 10. Take good care of your belongings and valuables. 11. Be friendly and willing to interact with other people.

  12. Transportation—on the plane • Be conscious of your “space”. • Don’t stretch out into the aisle or sprawl onto your neighbor’s seat. • Don’t kick the seat in front of you. • Keep your belongings within the confines of your own space (the overhead compartment or under your seat). • Be considerate. • Before reaching to adjust air, light, or window shades, ask your neighbor’s permission. • Small talk is often appropriate, but it depends on your neighbor’s preference.

  13. On the plane—cont’d • Be sensitive to the special needs of other people. (the disabled, the elderly) • Keep the back of your seat at upright position when meals are served and during take-off and landing. 3.Do not upgrade yourself to another compartment even when there are empty seats available. 4. When boarding, disembarking, or getting your luggage, wait for your turn.

  14. On an Ocean Liner or a Cruise Ship • In your own room, observe the same etiquette as you would in a hotel room. • Conserve water. • Comply with the dress code suggested by the crew. (Formal night, semi-formal night,…) • Go to dinner only at the time you are scheduled for. (Dinner is usually served; while breakfast and lunch are buffets.) 5. Be on time for the offshore tours or programs and activities on board.

  15. Cruise—cont’d • Be amiable and friendly. • If it is an over-night trip, check your luggage in and prepare an over-night bag to carry with you.

  16. Transportation—cars Seating arrangement: • sedan: • jeep: Driver 4 Host 1 2 3 1 3 4 2 Driver 1 Host 1 3 2 3 2

  17. Seating arrangement—cont’d (3) Taxi: • Mini Van: Driver 4 2 3 1 Driver 7 8 2 3 1 5 6 4

  18. Seating Arrangement—cont’d (5) Bus: Driver • 4 3 1 • 8 7 5 • 10 12 11 9

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