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Traveling. Number 1 February 2012 Price: 1,75 $. Traveling. France. Wanna have an awesome trip where all your needs can be fulfilled? It's time to buy a ticket to France for only 99 $.

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  1. Traveling Number 1 February 2012 Price: 1,75 $ Traveling

  2. France Wanna have an awesome trip where all your needs can be fulfilled? It's time to buy a ticket to France for only 99 $.

  3. The reason why France is so popular is because of the French Cuisine, the Historical Monuments or the resorts in the South of France. France has many cities of high cultural interest along with beaches and seaside resorts, ski resorts, and rural regions. Paris has some of the world's largest and renowned museums, including the Louvre, which is one of the most visited art museum in the world, the Museum d'Orsay dedicated to Contemporary art, Palace of Versailles, Château de Chambord and the Museum Picasso. Let's not forget about the Eiffel Tower which is the biggest attraction in Paris. But watch out if you go to visit them because you need to be prepared for the high prices. Nobody said it's free! Go with a friend to pay half the price.

  4. By visiting Marseille you will spoil yourself with the best. Marseille is a port city with a strong identity, it has also managed to support the changes in time to become the capital of the Mediterranean. If you are interested in high sports you can go sailing, kayaking, diving or any other board sports. On the other hand, the coolest thing in Marseilles is that you can sleep in a trailer. If you like to party a lot you can do it in a lot of clubs because they are open from 5 to 10 p.m and it costs lower than you think.

  5. Another thing that you need to enjoy while staying in Paris is the French Cuisine. France is famous for the wines and the cheese. The three important meals of the day are not very different from ours. Breakfast is often a quick meal consisting of slices of French bread with jelly or jam, croissants, bread with raisins or with „chocolat” also named „chocolatine” in the south of France along with coffee or tea. Children often drink hot chocolate in bowls along with their breakfasts. Dinner consists of three courses: main course and a cheese course or dessert, sometimes with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert. Yogurt may replace the cheese course, while a simple dessert would be fresh fruit. The meal is often accompanied by bread, wine and mineral water. The main meat is often served with vegetables, along with potatoes, rice or pasta.

  6. India

  7. When you decide to visit India, you need to be prepared for the things that you'll see because one day will never be enough. You will want to see the sights, to see the folk craftsmen working, to buy gifts and souvenirs, to dress up in a traditional outfit, to go to salon sessions of beauty "henna mehndi/", to participate in a job in a Hindu temple, to feel in as many dishes especially desserts. Oh, there are so many to see which will bring new experiences. India is not composed only from major sights such as the Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar. Religions, cultures, customs, languages, classical and modern dances, music, sports, recreation and relaxation possibilities are endless. In my opinion, the great wealth of India is represented by stunning and ancient buildings. Visiting India will not cover all the beauties offered by this unique civilization. Depending on the area where you go, try not to miss any of the following attractions: Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar Temples, Khajurano, Ajanta, Ellora Caves, or the beaches of Goa. You'll never get bored if you visit India!

  8. Besides all these, you will be amazed by the cuisine of India. I describe it as a Symphony of flavors and colors. In addition to a fascinating diversity, matched perhaps only by Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine has a great quality: most kinds of food you can prepare in advance and you can reheat just before they are served, without taste and flavors to be altered in any way. Definitely when you arrive in India you want to dress up into a beautiful saree. In many ways India remains another realm far too little explored, but when we talk about the fashion and textile, things change radically. Over time, India has offered not only silk and Casmir to Europeans but also many sources of inspiration for esthetics. So we are talking about saree, given that it is the oldest piece of clothing for Indian women. Saree or sari is a long sheet of colorful cloth with patterns, ranging from four to nine meters in length that is draped over the body in various styles.

  9. Austria Hello, dear readers, what do you say about a holiday to Austria? I recommend travelling to Austria because you will be impressed by all the beautiful surroundings.

  10. There, in Austria, you can visit "The Prater Park” which is one of the famous parks in the world and for sure you will be attracted by "The Huge Wheel" and by the "Ghost's Train". Also, in this country you can admire "The Saint Stephan Cathedral", "The Greek-Orthodox Cathedral", or "The Saint Barbara Cathedral".

  11. All these cathedrals are the most surprising and appreciated buildings from the country. You can also visit "The Schonbrunn Palace" or "The Hofburg Palace" from Wien, because these palaces are wonderfully surrounded by well-kempt gardens and decorated with fountains. If you are passionate about school, you can visit "The Technician Museum" from Wien, which has many tools of chemistry and physics and, of course, that you will be fascinated by them. Austria offers you many interesting attractions. One example is the places in which you can enjoy the popular mountains. I suggest some special places: “Arlberg", "Ischgl" and "Solden", where you can play some sports like skiing, mountaineering, climbing, snowboarding or you can choose going to the skating rink or to the hockey games and they will cost only €20. Of course, a chalet awaits you near the mountain with special offers. I guarantee that you will never regret it.

  12. To spend your best nights in Austria try the “five stars” hotels. "The Raxalpenhof" from Puchberg costs €141 and you can enjoy traditional food prepared by expert cooks. If you like long walks, you can fancy one cruise across the Danube. You will be marked with some good impressions because the Danube is spectacular with the landscapes and the green meadows. I invite you to visit Austria and you can't miss this special offer because you will feel so good and you will also relax.

  13. Romania Romania is one of the richest countries in the world that has everything from wonderful mountains (Southern Carpathians) to sea (Black Sea), green fields surrounded by large forests and even wildlife, not to mention castles and monasteries for small villas hidden in the Woods!

  14. Definitely you will be impressed by the Romanian traditional clothing, that has remained unchanged throughout history and that can be traced back to ancient times. Traditional clothing depends on the area, but the basic clothes for both men and women are a t-shirt or shirt, which is made out of hemp, wool fabric or cloth. Women are wearing an apron over the coveralls while the men are wearing white trousers, strap, jacket, coat or hat. Besides all these, the shoes are called “opinci” but they do not wear them anymore.

  15. Romania offers a wide range of tourist proposals but the general interest or thematic focuses are on natural landscapes and its rich history. The most visited locations are: Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta, Black Sea coast, monasteries and so on. If you're strolling around in Maramures, you might as well set your GPS on Săpânta. This place is only about 18 km from Sighetul Marmatiei and it is unique because it hosts the only cemetery in the world known as "the funny cemetery". You should definitely stop by to visit the Merry Cemetery, because in this way you will understand a little more of the Romanian culture, known for its humor and self-irony. Walking between the 800 wooden crosses is an interesting experience. You'll find it hard to hold back an amused smile, because every cross will tell you in just a few words the life story of a person, a sad destiny seen through a pair of funny lens. So if you are in Maramures, I recommend you to stop at the Happy Cemetery in Sapanta where you can amuse yourself with a few short stories that are written on all these unique crosses.

  16. Mobile Phone?Tablet? • It’s Galaxy Note! GALAXY Note

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