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Unit 3

Unit 3. I’m Australian. Helsinki,Finland. Ottawa,Canada. London,Great Britain. Washington D.C.,USA. Rabat,Morocco. Beirut,Rebanon. Beijing , China. Seoul,Korea. Mexico city,Mexico. Warsaw,Poland. Caracas,Venezuela. Tokyo,Japan. San Jose,Costa Rica. Bogota,Columbia.

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Unit 3

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  1. Unit 3 I’m Australian.

  2. Helsinki,Finland Ottawa,Canada London,Great Britain Washington D.C.,USA Rabat,Morocco Beirut,Rebanon Beijing , China Seoul,Korea Mexico city,Mexico Warsaw,Poland Caracas,Venezuela Tokyo,Japan San Jose,Costa Rica Bogota,Columbia Brasilia,Brazil Canberra,Australia

  3. Hi , everyone. We are Burmese and we come from Burma. Nice to meet you.

  4. I’m Uncle Joe. I am Canadian policeman. I live in Canada.

  5. Good morning, My name is KuKu. I am an Australian Kangaroo in Australia.

  6. I am a Chinese girl. My name is Mu Lan. I am studying in China international school.

  7. Hello, My name is GuGu. I live in Finland. I love being Finnish.

  8. Assignment 1

  9. Nationality and Country • Adjective • Nationality usually ends with – ish, -ese ,-ch.

  10. Plural of Nouns

  11. What is this ?&what are these? Orange Oranges

  12. Boy Boys

  13. Bus Buses

  14. Boxes Box

  15. Child Children

  16. Country Countries

  17. Man Men

  18. Mouse Mice

  19. This is a book.

  20. That is a book.

  21. These are cats.

  22. Those are ducks.

  23. These are children.

  24. This is a puppy.

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