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Unit 3

Unit 3. Economy (I). Presentation Homework check Journalistic knowledge: the lead Chinadaily News: March 14, 2008 VOA financial reports Google Goes Public China’s Economic Growth Training focus: understanding numbers. Key:.

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Unit 3

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  1. Unit 3 Economy (I)

  2. Presentation • Homework check • Journalistic knowledge: the lead • Chinadaily News: March 14, 2008 • VOA financial reports • Google Goes Public • China’s Economic Growth • Training focus: understanding numbers

  3. Key: • Mrs Clinton is aiming to becoming the first woman ever elected president of the United States and female voters could make the crucial difference in her Whitehouse bid. As Mary snow reports now, she maybe changing tactics to woo their support.

  4. When it comes to the general election the picture is a bit different, but what remains the same is Clinton’s popularity with women. And the Clinton campaign is hoping to tap into the popularity as women make up 54% of the electorate. And the campaign says they could turn out to be the critical swing vote. Mary Snow, CNN, New York.

  5. Part I Journalistic knowledge • The Lead 导语

  6. Definition What is a lead? A news article usually consists of three parts: the headline, the lead, and the body. The lead is the introductory portion of a news story. It displays in a significant way the most important elements in the news, such as the 5 “W”s and 1 “H” . The purpose of writing a lead is to capture the readers’ attention with simple but vivid language. The lead can be a sentence or several sentences, a paragraph or several paragraphs.

  7. What is a successful lead? • A lead paragraph is a mini-story. • Succinct 导语应做到简明扼要,以最经济的笔墨反映出新闻的要点或轮廓。美联社和合众社都要求记者撰写导语将字数尽可能控制在25个词之内。

  8. informative 导语应揭示新闻事件的基本内容,以少的字数提供尽可能丰富的信息,做到言之有物。 example: South Korean doctor Jong Wook Lee has been named the new director-general of the World Health Organization. 句子十分简单,但已包含了主要的信息:谁?(Jong Wook Lee)发生什么事了?(has been named the new director-general) 什么组织?(WHO) 他是哪里人?(South Korea)导语还告诉我么他是一个博士。可谓麻雀虽小,五脏俱全。

  9. Intriguing 使用导语的一个目的是吸引读者,导语要有吸引力,就必须在“新”、“奇”等方面下功夫。试比较一下两条导语: • Two children were killed and 12 others injured today when an automobilehit them outside Prospect Park. • Two children at play were killed and 12 others injured today when a speeding sports carjumped the curb(靠近人行道的路缘)outside Prospect Park and ran them down.

  10. Dictation: write down the lead of each news item. Point out the 5 “W”s. • The change in the Chinese leadership for a new term of five years was formally initiated in China’s parliament on March 12. ---what, where, when • Star hurdler Liu Xiang claimed the first indoor athletics gold medal for China on Sunday in Valencia, Spain. --- who, what, when, where • The Houston Rockets are blasting ahead(原:火箭发射上天,这里:冲在前面,抛离别人,双关语) now having won 20 games in a row. ---who, what, how

  11. A story about a student’s experience on the Mongolian grasslands during the Cultural Revolution is now in English. --- what, where, when • During the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Consultative Congress, the government announced the creation of super ministries. --- when, what • Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi addressedmedia this week on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress. --- who, what, when

  12. Spot dictation: China’s CPI 8.7 percent • The consumer price index rose _________ in February, the highest since ____________. • Food and housing prices are to blame for the increase. • Also the producer price index increased _________ in February, the fastest in more than three years. • The index was pushed up because of ______ for oil, steel, and coal. The _______ before the Spring Festival also affected transportation and production costs. June 1996 6.6 percent higher prices snow storms

  13. Guess the meaning • Spell it • Look up the dictionary Using a dictionary: Finding out the meaning of new words. resigned • New York Governor Eliot Spitzer _______ on Wednesday _______ in a high-priced _________ ring. • The scandal erupted Monday when ________ surfaced the 48-year-old Spitzer was caught on wiretap(窃听)spending over $4,000 on a call girl. • Spitzer was known as “Mr. Clean” for fighting ________ and was less than a year in office. • He will be replaced by Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who becomes New York’s first black governor on Monday. implicated prostitution allegations corruption

  14. Training focus: understanding numbers 1. Percentage The main interest rate is often expressed in percentage. For example, 3.5% is “ three point five percent”. 3—5% (三到五个百分点)is “three and five points percent”. Pay attention to the pronunciation of the word “points”, it can be easily misunderstood.

  15. 2. Huge numbers 一千(1,000):one thousand 一万(10,000):ten thousand 十万(100,000):one hundred thousand 一百万(1,000,000):one million Remember, “一亿”(100,000,000) in English is “one hundred million”, while “one billion”means “十亿”(1,000,000,000), it can also be read as “one thousand million”. “十三亿”can be read as “one point three billion”

  16. VOA feature: Google Goes Public • Vocabulary • electronic adj. 电子的 • web page 网页 • search engine 搜索引擎 • ownership n. 所有权 • share n. 参股、股票 • release v. 发布

  17. Cultural notes • Sergey Brin 沙吉布.里恩(人名) • Larry Page 莱里.佩吉(人名) • Stanford University 史丹福大学

  18. Now listen to the report and answer the following questions. • What is Google? • Who started Google? • Why is it so popular among computer users? • What did the company announce last month? • Who may gain the most from the sale, according to the report? Why?

  19. It is one of the most powerful Internet search engine. • What is Google? • Who started Google? • Why is it so popular among computer users? Two young men, Sergey Brin and larry Page, started Google in 1998. People find it easy to use.

  20. 4. What did the company announce last month? 5. Who may gain the most from the sale, according to the report? Why ? It announced that it wanted to become a public company. Mr. Brin and Mr. Page. Each man owns 15% of the company.

  21. Listen to the report again and decide whether the statements are true or false. (p40) • More than 80,000,000 people use the Google Web page each month. ( ) • Brin and Page had just graduated from Stanford University when they started the company. ( ) • Google was the first Internet search engine at that time. ( ) T F They were students at SU. F It was not the first.

  22. T More than 100 million dollars. F 4. Google offers free search service. ( ) 5. The profit they made in 2003 is one-thousand-million dollars. ( ) 6. The company hope to raise about two-thousand-seven-hundred-million dollars. ( ) 7. Google has released enough information about the company before the sale. ( ) 8. The price for the shares has been set while the date when they will be sold is not known. ( ) T Some business experts have criticized it for not releasing… F F It has not set a price or the date…

  23. Listen to the report again and complete the following sentences. (p42) • Computer users ________ to the Internet can use Google to ______ ____ any ____, name or _____. • The technology they _______ chooses Web page with the _____ ______ to the words or words the user is ________ for. • It can search more than _________ web pages at a time. connecting search for word idea developed links closest searching 4000- million

  24. pay every time uses web page 4. Companies ____ google ____ _____ someone _____ it to connect with their __________. 5. The company made almost __________ in 2003. 6. Its profit was more than ____________. 7. This means that google will sell its ______ _______ to the public. 8. The company hopes to raise about ___________ this way. $1,000-million $100-million shares ownership $2,700-million

  25. Useful expressions • Google goes public. Google公司准备上市。 • Google announced that it wanted to become a public company. Google公司宣布它有意成为上市公司。 go public 上市 例句:The company is going public next month. 这家公司下月发行股票。 比较:in public 当众、公开地

  26. The technology they developed chooses Web pages with the links closest to the word or words the user is searching for. 他们开发的技术选择链接与用户搜索的字眼最为接近的网页。 注意report中出现的与电脑网络有关的词:user link Web page search for search engine electronic communications system electronic document internet

  27. The amount a company pays depends on its size. 公司需要支付的金额取决于它的规模。 depend on 取决于 例句:The training takes a variable time, depending on the chosen specialty. 这训练所需时间长短不一, 视所选的专业而异。

  28. This means that Google will sell its ownership shares to the public. 这意味着Google公司将公开出售它的业主股份。 share 股份、股票 例句:She’s got all her money in stocks and shares. 她所有的钱都投入了证券和股票。 股票升:shares go up/rise 股票跌:shares fall/go down/drop/jump

  29. The company hopes to raise about 2,700-million dollars this way.公司希望藉此筹集到大约27亿美元。 raise 筹集、召集例句:We are trying to raise funds for the Red Cross. 我们正努力为红十字会筹款。

  30. Some business experts have criticized Google for not releasing enough information about the company before the sale. 有经济专家批评Google在出售前没有公布足够的公司资料。 criticize … for… 因某事批评某人 例句:Doctors have criticized the government for failing to invest enough in the health service.医生们批评政府对 健康服务的投入不够。

  31. release 发布、公布 例句:Don’t release this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead. 请等我们给你许可后再发布这条新闻。 比较:The hijackers released three of the hostages. 劫机犯释放了三名人质。

  32. Chinese Economic Growth Surpasses 10 Percent for Fifth Straight Yearvoa 2008-1-24 • The 11.4 percent growth in China's economy last year was the greatest in 13 years.Xie Fuzhan, the commissioner of the National Bureau of Statistics, announced the annual economic figures in Beijing Thursday.Xie says the second quarter last year saw the highest growth, of _____ percent. That eased to ___ percent in the fourth quarter, indicating a modest slowdown.The government has been trying for the past few years to moderate economic growth. But a number of measures, including several increases in interest rates last year, have failed to make much of an impact on the _____ economy.Xie says one of the government's core economic goals this year will be to control widespread inflation, which reached ____ percent for the year. 11.9 11.2 roaring 4.8

  33. rising oil-importing 贸易顺差 • He says one cause of ______ prices is an "excessive" money supply. China is also influenced, he says, by higher world prices.Xie points to oil as an example. China is an ______ country, so he says there is an inevitable influence from higher prices for oil on the world market.Total trade volume rose _____ percent, and the already huge trade surplus - which has prompted heated _______ with the United States and the European Union - rose by almost 50 percent to $_________.Overall, the economy totaled $________ in 2007. Asked whether China has yet surpassed Germany as the world's ______ largest economy, Xie said the German figures are not out yet, so he cannot compare the two.He says whether China is the third or fourth largest economy, it is still a developing country. Because it has far and away the largest population, at _________ people, per capita GDP remains low. 23.5 disputes 262 billion 3.4 trillion third 1.3 billion gross domestic product 人均

  34. Summary • 我们来复习一下财经报道里数字的读法 八千万 一亿 十亿 四十亿 二十七亿 几十亿 eighty million one hundred million one thousand million four thousand million two thousand seven hundred million several thousand million

  35. Related words • investor n. 投资者 • bubble n. 泡沫 • Silicon Valley 硅谷 • Wall Street 华尔街 • syndicate n. 联合企业 • entrepreneurial n. 企业家 …since the dot-com bubble burst.

  36. New York Stock Exchange 纽约股票交易所 • recession n. 不景气 • recovery n. 复苏 • bankruptcy n. 破产 • bond n. 债券 • inflation n. 通货膨胀 • shareholder n. 股东 • Financial Times 金融时报

  37. Discussion • Are you interested in the stock market? • Do you think it is a good idea for university students to invest in stocks and shares?

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