conflict across the continent n.
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Conflict across the continent PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict across the continent

Conflict across the continent

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Conflict across the continent

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  1. Conflict across the continent

  2. Introduction • Conflict has ravaged Africa since the middle of the 20th century • Not all conflicts are widely known here in the West, while others gathered huge media attention, such as the revolution in Libya and the genocide in Rwanda • In Congo the civil war cost over 5 million lives, while in Sudan the death toll stands at around 2 million • However, even when the conflict is settled, the devastation that is left behind seriously hampers future development • And in countries where conflict has occurred, it is very likely that peace never last for long, as Libya is currently proving

  3. War in the Central African Republic • When the long-running civil war in the Central African Republic (CAR) ended in 2007 (2004-07) Observers hoped that peace would usher in a new era of economic recovery and development • In March 2013 Seleka rebels overrun the capital and seize power while President Bozizé fled • Rebel leader Michel Djotodiasuspended the constitution and dissolved parliament in a coup condemned internationally • As the bloodletting worsened, Djotodia, the first Muslim to run the country, announced the dissolution of the Selekain September in an apparent bid to disassociate himself from the rebel savagery, • But several Seleka leaders continue to wage their own wars with Christians who claim to be supporters of the ousted Bozize

  4. The country of 4.6 million people is rich with minerals, including uranium, gold and diamonds. • Despite this, years of war and instability have left the country 180th out of 187 countries in the Human Development Index and has a life expectancy of 48 years • You will see where it is positioned in Africa on the map on the next slide • Watch the 90 second summary of the war in the Central African Republic that has been raging for the past 12 months

  5. Conflict in CAR • In groups of 3 or 4, look at the hand out which tells you more about the war in the CAR • Task • Imagine you are working for the UN and you are reporting back on how the war in the CAR is having a devastating impact on the country • State in your report: • 1) What the issues are and, more importantly, • 2) How these issues will impact on the countries long term development

  6. Issues • Displacement of people – impact on food development, people lose homes, refugee camps where diseases are spread easily • Hunger crisis – loss of life, impact on ability to work, • Lack of investment in the country – limit to jobs, economy cant grow • Disruption of education – children don’t go back to school, impact on educated workforce • Child Soldiers – kids cant go to school, long term impact on mental state • Sexual violence – spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS • Disruption of health services – people cant work if sick, life expectancy decreases

  7. Somalia – Land of Bandits • Watch the documentary on Somalia and take notes on the conflict that has been raging there for the past two decades • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3

  8. Conclusion • Conflict has stalled development in many African countries over the past few decades • The situation seems to be improving, with less conflict on the continent than ever before • Nevertheless past, present and potentially future conflicts have all had a drastic impact on development • It has not helped that the majority of conflicts have all taken place in the poorest of the continents nations