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Claiming the Continent PowerPoint Presentation
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Claiming the Continent

Claiming the Continent

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Claiming the Continent

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  1. Claiming the Continent British Fight and Flight in the New world

  2. Problems in the Colonies Disease Relations with the Indians Food Supplies Winter

  3. Sir Walter Raleigh Aristocrat who wanted to get rich quick Gained money from Queen Elizabeth to start a colony Named the Colony Virginia after the unmarried queen

  4. Roanoke: Take 1 First attempt at a colony was in 1585 Sir Raleigh set out to colonize the small island Located in present day North Carolina

  5. Success or Failure?

  6. Roanoke Take 2 Fights with Indian tribes and lack of food made the colonists return back to England. Two years later they tried again However, this time the colony vanished. No one knows exactly what happened to the colonists

  7. Third Time is the Charm

  8. Jamestown Founded in 1607 Located in present day Virginia Finally, the English would establish a lasting colony

  9. Colonist Activities • Farming cash crops • TOBACCO transformed the colonies, because they could not find gold. The colonists relied on the money earned from tobacco to expand the colony. -The colonists discovered that tobacco was easily grown in Virginia. -Europeans loved this new leisure activity. -“Up the snuff.”

  10. Tuesday 9/21 Tuesday Tunes Review Finish Jamestown Start In-Class Writing

  11. What did they eat? • Corn • The colonists had to learn how to grow and farm corn from the local Indians. • The Indians shared the secrets of growing corn to the starving colonists • What did the colonists eat before they learned about corn?

  12. Rodents Snakes

  13. John Smith Took control of the failing colony Brought order to Jamestown “He who works not, eats not.”

  14. Funding the Colonies • Colonists needed someone to support them with money, and in turn they would develop the land and send material back to the INVESTOR. Called a JOINT STOCK COMPANY If the colonists failed at developing the company, the investor would lose money.

  15. Tuesday 9/22 Turn in your essay for homework points Discuss the Virginia Company and House of Burgesses Begin Plymouth settlement

  16. The Virginia Company Funded the colony at Jamestown

  17. More on Joint-Stock Charter Capital Allowed the Virginia Company to settle Jamestown Almost a rent/lease agreement, since the land still belonged to the Crown The sum of all money and assets that a business has. The Virginia Company used this money to fund the colonies

  18. Governing Jamestown Called the House of Burgesses Allowed colonists to purchase land and earn money. Also the first elected government in the colonies. What group of voters are missing?

  19. Women Were not part of the original settlement. Came over from Europe to help “settle” the men down. Imagine not living around any women

  20. The Need for Another Colony Successes at Jamestown gave the British the confidence to start a new Colony. What colony was this?

  21. Plymouth

  22. Getting a charter King James I granted their land charter in 1620 Colonists were originally hoping to land in Virginia, but ended up in present day Massachusetts

  23. The Puritans Were very religious Their entire lives were centered around praising God Left England in search of an easier way to practice their religion

  24. The Mayflower The ship that was used by the colonists to reach the New World Took them a little over two months to reach their destination

  25. Plymouth Rock What do you know about Plymouth Rock? Discovery Ed clip

  26. The Mayflower Compact Was signed by the people on the Mayflower Was a “pact” for the members of the new colony to stick together

  27. In Class Activity

  28. Monday 9/27 Tuesday Tunes Collect Essays

  29. The Dutch

  30. Where is it?

  31. How Dutch Are You? Question Result You frequently ask personal questions Your mother has a full time job. You make eye contact when you speak The Dutch are very private Dutch mothers rarely work outside of the home The Dutch always make eye contact.

  32. Continued Question Result You finish everything on your dinner plate You share your feelings with your close friends It is offensive to not finish your food The Dutch do not talk about their personal lives with their friends.

  33. More on Culture

  34. Leading the Pack The Dutch were in control of the money in Europe Had a strong naval fleet Controlled the Spice Islands

  35. Dutch East India Company Funded the exploration in the New World Basically the world’s first MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATION

  36. Henry Hudson A sailor who was looking for a route to ASIA called the NORTHWEST PASSAGE He landed in present day New York and claimed the land for the Netherlands

  37. More Trade The Dutch traded metal objects to the Indians for fur Eventually they would establish trading posts for fur all along the Hudson and Delaware rivers The Dutch gained money due to the system of trade

  38. Remnants of New Amsterdam What city was established at the mouth of the Hudson River? What are the boroughs of New York City (5) Where is Manhattan?

  39. Wall Street What is it? Originally got it’s name from the New Amsterdam where the locals built walls to keep out invaders.

  40. Haarlem A settlement by the Dutch in the New World Also a city in the Netherlands

  41. Breuckelen Another settlement by the Dutch in New York Today it is one of the largest boroughs in the city

  42. Where are the Dutch The majority of people who settled in the new colony were not Dutch Over half of the population were English and other Europeans

  43. The French

  44. I See London, But Where’s France?

  45. Where Did They Land

  46. What They Were Looking For New way to reach Asia to the Spice Islands and other wealth. Do you see a pattern here? The French colonized parts of Canada the whole way down to Florida. (See Map)