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Unit 6: FUTURE JOBS. Writing: Application letter. Warm-up: Name that job. Baker. Doctor. Hair stylist. Mechanic. Warm-up: Name that job. Journalist. Engineer. Nurse. Musician. Pre-writing: Pair work (Task 1). English-speaking Tour Guides Wanted

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  1. Unit 6:FUTURE JOBS Writing: Application letter

  2. Warm-up: Name that job Baker Doctor Hair stylist Mechanic

  3. Warm-up: Name that job Journalist Engineer Nurse Musician

  4. Pre-writing: Pair work (Task 1) English-speaking Tour Guides Wanted We are a travel company managing holiday tours. We need English-speaking local guides to accompany foreign visitors on trips throughout Vietnam. If you have a high school diploma, have experience as a tour guide, a good manner, speak fluent English and are willing to work hard for long hours, please contact: The Manager, Vinatour, 450 Nguyen Du Street, Hanoi. Telephone No: 04 824 0139.

  5. Pre-writing: Pairwork (Task 1) tour guide high school diploma experience as a tour guide, speak fluent English good manner, willing to work hard for long hours • Type of job: • Level of education: • Work experience: • Character and interests:

  6. Childcare Worker • We are a well-established childcare centre in Greenview and we are looking for a childcare worker. • You will be taking care of children aged 6 mths – 6 years. • Requirements: • at least one year experience working in childcare • a first aid certificate • a genuine interest in working with children • the ability to form warm, responsive relationships with children • a positive, friendly attitude • To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to the managing director Pre-writing: Practice

  7. Pre-writing: Practice childcare worker first aid certificate at least 1 year genuine interest, friendly attitude, ability to form responsive relationship with children. • Type of job: • Requirements: • Work experience: • Character and interests:

  8. Pre-writing: Practice Project Architects Immediate opportunities exist for experienced Project Architects within the Perth office of our industry-leading architectural practice. You must be dynamic, hardworking and passionate about the industry. If you have a minimum of five years solid industry experience, impeccable technical and computer skills, excellent working knowledge of contracts administration, and the ability to take the lead on multiple projects then this is an ideal opportunity to utilise these attributes to best effect with a business that rewards its employees financially and professionally. We offer an attractive salary package commensurate with experience. Please send enquiries and applications to Greg Adams, HR Coordinator: g.adams@example.com.au

  9. Pre-writing: Practice Project Architect technical/ computer skills, working knowledge of contracts administration at least 5 years solid industry experience dynamic, hardworking, passionate, ability to take the lead on multiple projects • Type of job: • Requirements: • Work experience: • Character and interests:

  10. Pre-writing: Practice Cook required for busy inner city cafe We are a busy inner city café serving up delicious modern Australian fare, and we need an experienced cook to join our energetic team.We are looking for someone with at least two years experience cooking in different styles and cuisines – everything from traditional Aussie classics to Asian-inspired dishes – who is hard-working, organised, creative, and passionate about food and customer service. If you would like to join our happy and hard-working team, please send your resume to janice.wilson@email.com. Please cite reference 483C. For more information please contact Janice on (02) 1111 1111.

  11. Pre-writing: Pairwork (Task 1) cook at least 2 years cooking in different styles and cuisines hard-working, organised, creative, passionate about food and customer service • Type of job: • Work experience: • Character and interests:

  12. Pre-writing: Application letter What should be included in an application letter?

  13. Pre-writing: Application letter Introduction Detail the job that you apply for and if relevant the circumstances have led to this. For example: anadvertisement or an recommendationof an agency • Tell the reader about your present job and why you are looking to move on. • Explain why you are suitable for this job • Emphasize the skills you have which make you particularly suitable for the job • List briefly the personal qualities you would bring to it • Answer any specific questions posed by the advert or job details • Round the letter off, leaving the reader with a positive image. It should sum up briefly the selling points made in the body of the letter. • Mention any items including the CV you are • Enclosing and express willingness to provide any further information that the reader may want. Body Conclusion

  14. While-writing: Task 2 Write a letter to Vinatour, applying for the job mentioned in the advertisement in Task 1. Your letter should include the following datails: • Your name, address, date of writing • Name and address of the company • Greeting • Introduction: say where you saw the ad and why you are writing the letter of application • Body: mention your education, work experience and your character/ interests • Conclusion: express your willingness to work for the company and when you are available for interview.

  15. While-writing: Practice Choose one of the previous job advertisements that you are interested in. Write a similar letter of application.

  16. Post-writing Present to the class what job you chose and why you chose it.

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