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Network Analysis

Network Analysis. BOB. Service Observation. Signal trace. CNT. Call/Paging setup Drop call Handoff. Call/Paging setup. Call setup. Paging call. Call setup failure reason. SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Normal( 第一次握手,在定时器超时前,没有捕获 preamble ,若能捕获,分配 se,ve 等资源 )

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Network Analysis

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Network Analysis BOB

  2. Service Observation

  3. Signal trace

  4. CNT

  5. Call/Paging setup • Drop call • Handoff

  6. Call/Paging setup • Call setup

  7. Paging call

  8. Call setup failure reason • SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Normal(第一次握手,在定时器超时前,没有捕获preamble,若能捕获,分配se,ve等资源) • ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_CLH_TimerExpired_Twaitorder(第二次握手,FCH配置) • ERR_SPS_RLSA_BSSAP_TE_Tassignment

  9. SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Normal

  10. SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Normal • BTS receives terminal origination and then arranges the necessary resource for traffic. • When procedure goes to acquire reverse preamble with 5s, it is failed because of bad air link.

  11. SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Norma Solution 1.Check RC ,PN-offset 2. CE resouse 3. Drive test (Ec/Io)

  12. SDM_Activate_Fail_AcquirePreambleFail_Normal

  13. 2. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_CLH_TimerExpired_Twaitorder

  14. 2. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_CLH_TimerExpired_Twaitorder • Bad wireless envirement,lose the reverse ack order message; • Under opening “frame check”,BTS and BSC timer is different • Transmitte code ratio

  15. 2. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_CLH_TimerExpired_Twaitorder

  16. 3.ERR_SPS_RLSA_BSSAP_TE_Tassignment • BSSAP send EV_S_AvfServiceAssignment message to DSMP,but within 7s ,EV_S_AvrAssignmentComplete doesn’t be send and EV_S_AvrAssignmentFailure is received.

  17. 3.ERR_SPS_RLSA_BSSAP_TE_Tassignment Reason and solution: • Timere is short ,check timer,the default value is 6s. • DSMP instance configuration is large • DSMP CPU overload

  18. Dropped CallsFailure Mobile : • 1) continue 12 bad frame/5s timer for FER • 2) within 8s,not receive ack order from BTS BTS: 1)Continue 12 bad frame from reverse 2) not receive ack order from BTS

  19. Voice Release MS Normal release num Traffice time finish MSC Normal release num Traffice time finish

  20. SDM_Link_Fail_RevTooManyBadFrm

  21. 1. signal weak

  22. Terminal sends PSMM to BTS because of weak signal. • BTS then sends Handoff Direction Message but receives no MSACK from BTS. • After sending PMRO for 4 times and wait 18 for no response. • By Judging the reverse air link was broken down, BSSAP starts release procedure to release resources on BSS and MSS sides.

  23. 2. MS and BSS PN-offset is not consistent

  24. Handoff failure • ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_HOH_TimerExpired_Thocompletion • ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_HOH_TimerExpired_Thoreq

  25. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_HOH_TimerExpired_Thocompletion

  26. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_HOH_TimerExpired_Thocompletion • Terminal is under weak coverage. • It sends PSMM to BTS but long time receives no BSACK. At the same time, after receiving PSMM, BTS sends Handoff Direction Message to terminal to instruct soft handoff. • However, BSS receives no Handoff Completion Message from terminal side. The communication between BSS and MS has been kept silent for over 5 seconds. Then HO failure generates. This type of HO failure is usually caused by fragile air link.

  27. Solution • Check DSMP timer (5s default)

  28. 2. check BTS RFE-TX

  29. ERR_SPS_RLSA_DSPM_HOH_TimerExpired_Thoreq

  30. Solution: • 1.check DSMP Timer setting(default 5s) • 2.check Abis link • 3.check target BTS card status ,CHM (CE status, whether there are blocking CEs)

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