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Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD. PowerPoint Presentation
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Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

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Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.
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Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

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  1. Communications Assistant (CA) V2.0 - CA Server - Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

  2. Enhance items

  3. Enhance Items Other item

  4. Update PBX Information

  5. Update PBX Information - 1 You should update the PBX information after changing COS setting. Click “Update PBX Information“ the icon. Start updating!

  6. Limited Feature (System Speed Dial)

  7. Limited Feature (System Speed Dial) - 1 PBX mode (w/o CA Server) With CA Server Modifying System Speed Dial impacts on the performance of CA Server. Therefore the buttons (Modify/Add New/Delete) are removed.

  8. Relation with CSTA Multiplexer

  9. Relation with CSTA Multiplexer - 1 CSTA Multiplexer has to be V2.0 or later when CA Server V2.0 is used. CSTA Multiplexer V2.0 CTI Application Server KX-NCP/KX-TDE CSTA Single CSTA connection LAN CA Server V2.0 CSTA CA Client

  10. CA Server System Requirements

  11. CA Server System Requirements - PC The table below summaries the minimum and recommended requirements for running CA Server. (*) 64-bit operating systems are not supported.

  12. CA System Requirements - PBX To use CA, the software of your PBX should be matched with the requirements listed below. : Enhance Key is needed CA V1.5/V2.0 uses the function of Button Press on the interface of CSTA, therefore the enhance key is required. But KX-NCP V2.0 (KX-TDE V3.0) supports the function of Button Press without the enhance key. KX-TDE600 users are strongly recommended to use CA Server with CA Client.

  13. CA Server Installation

  14. CA Server Installation - 1 To begin the installation double click “Setup.exe” To begin installation click “Next”.

  15. CA Server Installation - 2 Check “Agree to install”. You can not use CA server and other WEB server on the same PC. And then click “Next”

  16. CA Server Installation - 3 And then click “Next” Agree to the EULA by click the “I accept the terms in the license agreement”

  17. CA Server Installation - 4 If you make the advance setting, please click here. If you needto change the installation directory, this can be done here. To use the default directory, click “Next”

  18. CA Server Installation - 5 Installing now…

  19. CA Server Installation - 6 The installation is finished.

  20. CA Server Installation - 6 To begin first setup wizard, click this short cut. Enter the password for Administrator. This is used when you log into CA Web Manager.

  21. CA Server Installation - 7 Enter the System Password of your PBX. CA Server starts

  22. Notice for MS IE8 users

  23. Notice for MS IE8 users - 1 If CA Web Manager is used with Internet Explorer 8, the following Internet Explorer security settings are required. • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. • Click Security tab. • Select Trusted sites and then click the Sites button.

  24. Notice for MS IE8 users - 2 4. In Add this website to the zone, enter the CA Server’s IP address and port number for CA Web Manager. 5. Make sure Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone is unchecked. 6. Click Close when finished. CA Server’s IP address Port number - Sample - Uncheck

  25. Thank you very much!