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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy
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Teen Pregnancy

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  1. Teen Pregnancy The Pact

  2. Who are teens most influenced by when it come to decisions about sex? • Parents • Friends • Religious leaders and siblings • Teachers & educators

  3. Facts About Teen Pregnancy • 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. • About a quarter of teen moms have a second child within 24 months of their first baby. • A sexually active teen who doesn’t use contraceptives has a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within a year. • Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. More than half of teen mothers never graduate from high school. • 8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.

  4. How To Avoid A Teen Pregnancy • 1. Don’t give into peer pressure Don’t let your peers talk you into anything you don’t want to do! Only you will know when your ready for something that serious. • 2. Learn How To Say NO Do not be afraid to say no to your boyfriend or anybody you have that right so stand up for yourself. No Sex No Babies ! • 3. Understand the effectiveness of different forms of birth control. Wearing a condom fails about 17% of the time mostly because improper usage. Not all forms of birth control will work , consult your doctor for the proper one for you not all birth control forms will work on everybody the same. • 4. Use Protection This is one way you can prevent pregnancy if using properly and it protects against STI’s. • 5. Make sure you know how to put on a condom Do Not ever put two condoms on because it doesn’t give you extra protection. Make sure he knows how to put a condom on , he has to leave space at the top or else it wont work, his sperm will go straight through the condom and cause pregnancy. • 6. Know what to do if a pregnancy occurs. Get a pregnancy test , find out who to talk , what information you will need to know & what other options are there.

  5. Myths & Facts About Sex • You Can’t Get Pregnant The First Time You Have Sex? MYTH , you can get pregnant the first time you have sexual intercourse without a condom, if you don’t use a condom it doesn’t protect against his ejaculation. • If I Use A Condom Will It Protect Against STI’s? FACT , yes a condom will protect against sexual transmitted infections & pregnancy. • If He Pulls Out On Time I Won’t Get Pregnant? MYTH , there this still a possibility you can get pregnant because of precum , it comes out right before he is going to ejaculates. • Can Having Sex On Your Period Without A Condom Cause You To Get STI’s? Yes it can !