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Unit 3 What does he look like ?

他长什么样子?. Unit 3 What does he look like ?. / hait /. 高的. 中等的. 高度. tall. medium height. thin. medium build. 瘦的. 矮的. short. / bild /. heavy. 体格. 重的. 长的. 头发. short hair. long hair. straight hair. straight hair. black hair. black hair. long hair. short hair. 卷曲的.

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Unit 3 What does he look like ?

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  1. 他长什么样子? Unit 3 What does he look like?

  2. / hait / 高的 中等的 高度 tall medium height thin medium build 瘦的 矮的 short / bild / heavy 体格 重的

  3. 长的 头发 short hair long hair straight hair straight hair black hair black hair long hair short hair 卷曲的 curly hair curly hair 金发的 blonde hair blonde hair

  4. George Bush He has short, gray hair 灰白的

  5. He has blonde hair.

  6. He has long , brown hair. /braun/ 褐色的

  7. He is wearing glasses. 眼镜

  8. He has curly, blonde hair.

  9. 胡须 beard He has a beard.

  10. He has black hair.

  11. Jack Bush George Bush David Bush is short. is tall. is medium height.

  12. David Bush George Bush Jack Bush is thin. is heavy. is medium build.

  13. 描述头发: 漂亮+长短+形状+颜色 hair 头发 short hair long hair curly hair straight hair blond 金黄色 brown 褐色 • 她有一头短的金黄色的卷发。 • She has short, curly ,blond • hair • 一头漂亮乌黑 的长发 • beautiful,long black hair.

  14. What does she look like? She has long, brown, straight hair.

  15. What does she look like? She has long, black, curly hair.

  16. What does he look like? He has short, curly, brown hair.

  17. What does she look like? She has long, blonde, straight hair.

  18. 描述人的长相用动词 be还是 have/has What does your friend look like ? He /She has He She is

  19. Who’s this man? He’s Jackie Chan. What does he look like? He’s medium height, and he has short hair.

  20. This is my friend. He’s George. He is tall and thin. He has short,brown, straight hair.

  21. This is Jim’s father. He’s a police officer. He’s tall and heavy.

  22. This is Gong Li. She’s medium height. She has short, black hair. She wears glasses.

  23. 1b Pair work Girl: Is that your friend? Amy: No, it isn’t. Girl: What does he look like? Amy: Well, he’s really tall. And he has curly hair. She’s tall. She is very pretty. She ahs long straight hair and she has two big eyes.

  24. What does he/she look like? 1c

  25. 2a Listen and circle “is” or “has” below • is / has tall • is / has heavy • is / has curly hair • is / has medium height • is / has thin • is / has long hair • is / has short • is / has medium build • is / has short hair

  26. 2b Listen again and fill in the chart. is has tall curly hair David heavy thin long hair Sally medium height short Pete medium build short hair

  27. Section A 3a Words and expressions captain 队长team 球队 popular 流行的blonde 金发的 good-looking 好看的,漂亮的 bit 一点儿joke 笑话 a little bit 有一点儿 brown 棕色的person 人 never 从不,永不,未曾

  28. Read the description of the four classmates. Match them with the pictures 3a ( ) Wang lin D ( ) Ma yan C ( ) Xu Qian B ( ) liu Peng A A B C D

  29. Liu Peng is a good student . He’s very tall. He has curly brown hair and is medium build . He likes reading and playing chess.

  30. Wang Lin is the captain of the basketball team . He’s tall and he is medium build . He has short, straight hair. Wang Lin is very popular .

  31. Xu Qian loves totell jokes . She’s short and a little bit heavy . She has beautiful long black hair . She never stops talking !

  32. Ma Yan is thin and medium height She has curly,blonde hair. She’s good-looking but she’s a little bit quiet .

  33. Homework: 1.Describe your parents and then draw a picture of them. 2.Find a photo of your favorite star on the internet and write a description.

  34. What does he/she look like? Section B

  35. Pair work: Describe one of your favorite stars with your partner Beckham is a famous player. He is ___(tall / short / medium height ). He _______( is thin / is heavy / has a medium build ). He has _____(long / short ), (brown / black / blonde ) hair. He is wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

  36. Section B 2a pop singer movie actor tall, thin long curly hair,glasses medium height, long blonde hair

  37. What does Johnny Dean do? He’s a pop singer. What does he look like? He’s tall and thin. He has long curly hair. What does Tina Brown do? She’s a movie actor. What does she look like? She’s a medium height and blonde hair.

  38. Johnny Dean’s New Look ! Do you remember Johnny Dean , the pop singer with funny glasses and long curly hair ? Well , now he has a new look . He doesn’t have long curly hair . He has short straight hair . And he doesn’t wear glasses . But some people don’t like his new look . “ I don’t thinkhe’s so great ,” says Ruth from New York . “ But my mom does .” 3a

  39. Section B 3a short, straight curly doesn’t wear funny

  40. Answer the questions: • What did Johnny Dean • look like before? • 2.What does Johnny Dean • look like now? He had long curly hair with funny glasses.

  41. He has short straight hair and he doesn’t wear glasses. 3.Does everyone like his look? 4.Does Ruth Lai’s mom like his new look? No, some don’t.

  42. Yes, she does. 5.What does she think of Johnny Dean? She thinks he’s so great.

  43. What does she look like? medium build medium height short, straight black,

  44. What does she look like? thin medium build medium height medium height brown, long, black, straight curly short,

  45. 3b Gloria Green , a pop singer , has a new look . She doesn’t have _______ . She has __________ . And she doesn’t wear ________ and a ______ . She wears _________ and _______ . “ It’s great ,” she says ,” I can go shopping , and nobody knows me .’ long hair short hair jeans T-shirt shorts glasses

  46. 词组英译 : 将下列词组翻译成英语。   1. 喜欢做饭 ___________________________2. 象一辆自行车 ___________________________3. 特别喜欢 ___________________________4. 有点儿喜欢 ___________________________5. 一点儿都不喜欢 ___________________________ like cooking like a bike like... a lot / very much like... a little don't (doesn't) like... at all

  47. 单项选择。 ( )1.----What does your friend look like? -----___________. A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl C. She likes music D. She has good-looking ( )2. Mr Simmons________ medium build, and he has yellow hair. A. is B. has C. looks like D. isn’t ( )3. ----Is he heavy? ----No, he is a little bit __________. A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet ( )4.----Lucy doesn’t have curly hair. ----Yes,we can say she has _______hair. A. bald B. blonde C. short D. straight A A B D

  48. ( )5.----Which is your teacher? • ----The one ____ thick glasses over his eyes is. • A. wears B. wear C. with D. has • ( )6.---Is Miss Gao tall? • ---No, she isn’t tall, and she isn’t short, too. She is _________ . • medium height B. medium build • C. a little heavy D. thin • ( )7. ---__________________? • ---He has big eyes and small nose. • How old is he B. What does he do • C. What does he look like D. How is he C A C

  49. ( )8. ---Who is in the classroom now? • ----___________.All the students are on the playground. • Someone B. Anybody • C. Nobody D. Mary • ( )9. ----Is your friend quiet? • ----No, he never stops __________. • A. talk B talking C. to talk D. laughing • ( )10. ----Tom is not very heavy. • ----Yes, I think we can say he is _________ heavy. • a little B. a bit • C. a little bit D. A,B and C C B D

  50. 单项选择 [ ]11. Lucy ______ pears very much. A. like B. likes C. not like D. don't like [ ]12. Look! He ______ a machine. A. makes B. making C. is making D. make [ ]13. She ______ her bike. A. wants rides B. want to rideC. wants to rides D. wants to ride [ ]14. His machine ______ a bike. A. is like B. likes C. like D. is likes [ ]15. Does Li Hong ______ rice ______ bread?A. like... or B. likes... andC. likes... or D. is like... or B C D A A

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