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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management. Pests Can Have a Throw Down in Our Buildings. Oregon’s New Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Law. Why it is/Why you care What it means What it means to the District What it means to YOU. IPM – The Why of It All. Some pests can carry disease

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Integrated Pest Management

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  1. Integrated Pest Management Pests Can Have a Throw Down in Our Buildings

  2. Oregon’s New Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Law • Why it is/Why you care • What it means • What it means to the District • What it means to YOU

  3. IPM – The Why of It All • Some pests can carry disease • Pesticides can be VERY hazardous to our health • We need to understand them • Education goes a long way

  4. IPM – What It Means • Reduce pests in/around schools • Establish acceptable thresholds • One rodent, one too many • 10 ants, not a health hazard • Educate!!! • Pesticide use as a LAST resort

  5. What do you do when you do IPM? You don’t attract pests (pests need food, shelter, water)

  6. Pest Attractants/Food • Fridge, Microwave & Pantry in the Classroom • Food • Chips, nuts, candy & cereal • Pasta, soups, peanut butter, canned fruit & vegetables, crackers, bread & dessert items • Empty soft drink cans

  7. What do you do when you do IPM? You keep them out (pests need an entrance, but not much of one!)

  8. What do you do when you do IPM? When you do have them, you get rid of them in the safest way possible (least risk to people and the environment) • Clean up • Declutter • Trapping My Dream Classroom!

  9. What’s the difference between IPM and what we’re doing now? Table courtesy of BIRC

  10. What does the law require? All school districts must have and implement an IPM Plan All school districts must designate an IPM Plan Coordinator (Tag, I’m it!) All school districts must adopt a list of low-impact pesticides All pesticide applications must be made by a licensed applicator Notification, posting, record-keeping of pesticide applications

  11. ORS 634.720 (Plan Coordinators – AKA me) Must attend at least six hours of training on IPM and ORS Must conduct education and outreach to school staff Oversees pest prevention efforts MOST IMPORTANT: Makes sure decision-making process is followed (monitoring & reporting pests, taking action) Assures notification, posting, recordkeeping of applications Maintains approved pesticide list Responds to school staff and parents about noncompliance

  12. ORS 634. 725(applications of low-impact pesticides) • Sanitation, not pesticides, makes the biggest impact on pest populations. • Non Chemical measures first • Applications of low-impact pesticides • Coordinator must authorize • Applicator must have license

  13. ORS 634.740(notices, warning signs) • Coordinator or designee must give written notice of proposed application • Notice given to parents, faculty, staff, etc. • Notice given at lease 24 hours prior

  14. ORS 634.730(Reentry, Emergencies) • Reentry into sprayed area • Pest Emergencies only after consultation with school faculty and administration • Coordinator has to review IPM plan if there is an emergency

  15. Components of Oregon’s IPM Law Education on components of IPM. Explanation of thresholds, pest conducive conditions, etc. Working with staff members who repeatedly refuse to reduce clutter and other pest-conducive conditions in their classrooms/workspaces. Confiscating any unapproved pesticides (such as aerosol spray cans.)

  16. Vonnie B. GoodEnvironmental Safety SpecialistRisk Management Questions? Want me to come present at your building???

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