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  1. Personality

  2. Last year you all completed a personality test that corresponded to a color. Do you remember your color? • Were you Red? • Green? • Yellow? • Blue? • Complete the True Colors Word Sort to find out what color you are.

  3. Directions • In the boxes on your worksheet are groups of words printed horizontally in rows. For each row decide which of the groups of words is most like you. Next to the letter at the bottom of the groups of words rank order the groups in that row from 4 to 1. Score each group of words giving yourself 4-for the groups of words MOST like you and 3-next most like you, 2- for the next and 1-for the lease like you. Do this for each row. • Ex.

  4. Scoring • To score this worksheet write the number that corresponds to each letter in the blank, total up each row of letters to determine your score for that color group. • Your color schema is your four colors listed from highest total score to lowest. The highest scoring color is the one most like you.

  5. Does this sound like you? If you had a tie listen closely to the descriptions on the next slides and decide which sounds most like you. Tie Breaker

  6. Reds Things that frustrate reds: Things reds do to frustrate others: • Rules and laws • Same routine • Deadlines • Paperwork • Lack of adventure • Too much structure • Ignoring rules • Being undisciplined • Lack of planning • Being quick-tempered • Thinking out loud • Impulse buying Raise your hand if your highest color was red?

  7. Reds Value • Fun, freedom, spontaneity, leadership, adventure, excitement, risk-taking, flexibility, resourcefulness, independence, play, variety, humor, skillfulness, creativity. Famous Reds: John F. Kennedy Ernest Hemmingway Winston Churchill Amelia Earhart Teddy Roosevelt Lucille Ball “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is”—Anonymous

  8. Blues • Lying • Violence • Personal rejection • Lack of communication • Lack of close friends • Sarcasm • Lack of planning • Being passive • Avoiding conflict • Suppressing problems • Being too generous • Being overly sentimental • Things that frustrate blues: • Things blues do to frustrateothers: Raise your hand if your highest color was blue?

  9. Blues Value • Sensitivity, sharing, spirituality, compassion, nurturing, harmony, honesty, devotion, intuition, friendship, inspiration, warmth, caring, imagination, romance, authenticity. Famous Blues: Mozart Ghandi Emily Dickenson Bill Clinton Mohammad Ali Martin Luther King, Jr. “What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.” --Carl Rogers

  10. Greens Things that frustrate greens: Things greens do to frustrate others: • Routine • Small-talk • Plagiarism • Illogical arguments • Social functions • Incompetence • Not being sociable • Living in the future • Being wordy • Blowing up when criticized • Not going with the flow • Being to independent Raise your hand if your highest color was green?

  11. Greens Value • Logic, independent thinking, facts, time alone, intellectual achievement, strategy, competency, analytical ability, integrity, personal space, invention, emotional stability, respect for self and others, justice, knowledge, ingenuity. Famous Greens: Abe Lincoln Madame Curie Dwight Eisenhower Eleanor Roosevelt Socrates Frank Lloyd Wright Thomas Edison “Live to learn and you will learn to live”—Portuguese proverb

  12. Yellow • Irresponsibility • Lack of planning • Lack of discipline • Laziness • High risk taking • Illegal behavior • Control freak • Being bossy and controlling • Working long hours • Being obsessive • Being judgmental • Planning for everything • Things that frustrate yellows: Things yellows do to frustrate others: Raise your hand if your highest color was yellow?

  13. Yellows Value • Rules, responsibility, stability, civic duty, fairness, punctuality, caring, hard work, reliability, social status, order, consistency, practicality, clear goals, dependability, honesty. Famous Yellows Harry Truman Joan Rivers George Washington Nancy Reagan Gerald Ford Mr. Rogers “The Time is always right to do what is right.”--Martin Luther King, Jr.

  14. Assignment We will revisit this lesson next week, so you will need to remember your color. In the meantime talk with your friends and find out what colors they are, see if you can guess before they tell you. See if you can guess what color your teachers’ are then ask them their color to find out if you were correct. Think about this: how does your personality type affect your relationships with your friends? Your teachers? Turn in your word sort to your advisor, we will use them again next week.