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Warm Up

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Warm Up

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  1. Warm Up • Ms. Richardson’s class

  2. Warm up: 8/23 • Type: Journal Entry • Write three, well thought out, paragraphs about what you did this summer. Be sure to include correct grammar and punctuation. Use details.

  3. Warm up 8/24 • Correct the following sentences: • 1. the boy want to go to the Park • 2. “i dont want to run the mile cuz its hot said Samuel • 3. Liz got permission to go to the dance but befor she culd she had to finish her chores • 4. why would you behav lik that in public, asked the boy’s mother • 5. yesterday was a great day

  4. Warm up 8/25 8/26 • Correct the sentences: • 1. jessica wuz walk to the store but when she got there she relized she forgot her money • 2. eli dint want to eat his dinner so he wented to his room • 3. “Richard yelled stop that car?” • 4. the teacher thankd all the kids for doing theyre work • 5. toward the end of the road jimmy could see the trucks break lights turn on.

  5. 8/31 • Write the definition of the following and give an example: • 1. Noun: • 2. Verb: • 3. Adjective: • 4. Adverb: • 5. Preposition: • 6. Conjunction: • 7. Pronoun:

  6. 9/1-9/2 • Journal Entry: • What job/career would you like to have in the future and why?

  7. 9/6 • 1. In which sentence does the underlined word have the most negative connotation? • AThe man’s remarks were harmful. B. The man’s remarks were mischievous. • CThe man’s remarks were malicious. DThe man’s remarks were unpleasant. • 2. Which sentence demonstrates the figurative meaning of the word parasite? • AHer dog had parasites, so she took him to a veterinarian to get some medicine. • BA leech is a kind of freshwater parasite. • CMy friend says I’m a parasite because I always borrow money from him. • DCertain plant parasites can cause permanent harm to trees if not removed. • 3. Read the following sentence. • First he stirred fresh mint leaves with sugar and secret ingredients in a small pot on the stove for a very long time, concocting a fragrant elixir of mint.The word concocting means • A examining. B creating. C imagining. D tasting. • 4. Read this sentence. • Hong Kong is a very cosmopolitan city. • The word cosmopolitan comes from the • ALatin word for lion. BGreek name for the universe. CRoman goddess of the earth. • D Greek god Oceanus, god of the water.

  8. 9/7 • 1. Which word is derived from the name of the mountain in Greece where the mythological god Zeus resides? • A atlantic B olympic C chaotic D phonetic • 2. Which word is derived from a Latin root meaning “to choose”? • A barrier B creatures C memories D. Collection • 3.Read this sentence. • Uncle Hank looked at several stores before buying a set of cheap tires for his truck. • In this sentence, the word cheap means “inexpensive,” but the adjective also suggests that the tires were very likely • Athe wrong size. B. made recently. C. of poor quality. D. easy to locate. • 4. The word volcano is derived from which of the following names for the god of fire? • A. Odin B. Hephaestus C. Vulcan D. Pele

  9. 9/8 • Journal Entry: • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, why would you go, when would you go, and what would you do while you are there?

  10. 9/12 Correct the following sentences • Lisa sit down in your seat and begin youre test. • in the story the necklace, she finds out that the necklace is fake. • i dont want to go to the store whined Annie • Jake wanted to wach the football games but he had to finish his chores first • first add the eggs pour in the oil and mix the cake mix all together.

  11. 9/13 • Journal Entry: • Think of a time in your life when you were surprised, excited, or scared. Write about that event. Use details. (1-2 paragraphs)

  12. 9/14 • If you could meet anyone, who would you meet and what would you ask them or talk to them about if you could meet them?

  13. 9/16 • What is one goal you would like to achieve this year? How will you achieve it?

  14. 9/19 • Give an example of each of the following from the sentence listed below: • Samuel was told directly to go to the corner store after school, but he went to his friend’s house instead. • common noun: • Proper noun: • adjective: • Prepositional phrase: • adverb: • conjunction: