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Web Quest

Web Quest. 11-15-10. 11-15-10 Bell Work : Information I have so far to contribute to my group for our webquest is …. Review from last week:. Explain what the webquest is. Explain what the final outcome of the webquest is. 11-15-10 Objective:.

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Web Quest

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  1. Web Quest 11-15-10

  2. 11-15-10 Bell Work:Information I have so far to contribute to my group for ourwebquestis…

  3. Review from last week: • Explain what the webquest is. • Explain what the final outcome of the webquest is.

  4. 11-15-10 Objective: • I will organize my webquest ideas with my group so that we can come up with a presentation. • The presentation needs to WOW my teacher so that she will pick my expedition to go on. • HW: All quest information is due on Friday!

  5. Today: • Work with your group to make up a plan of action for what you will need in order to present your webquest. Things you need to think about: Who is doing which question? How far has each member gotten? Who is going to bring in research tomorrow for you to use to look up what you need? Start thinking about what materials you will need for your presentation and bring them in as soon as possible.

  6. Today: • Organize your binders so that they make sense to you. • Each group should keep ALL of their items in here. • The binder should stay at school unless there is a good reason for one member to take it home.

  7. The Dynamic Earth • A • Each student in your group will need to write a paper about the information you have gained in your quest for knowledge. • Items to include in your paper are on the website.

  8. Each paragraph will answer these questions. Be sure to develop your paragraphs. Do not just answer the questions. • 1st Paragraph should be an introduction to what you have learned. • 2nd Paragraph should include-Physical Preparation: How will you train to get your body in peak physical condition for the journey?

  9. 3rd Paragraph-Financial Planning: What expenses must you meet to be able to make the journey? 4th Paragraph-Equipment and Supplies: What types of clothing and equipment will you need to be prepared to attempt the summit? 5th Paragraph-Overall Schedule: On what date will you depart for the Himalayas? When will you reach Base Camp? In general, how long will you allow for remaining on the mountain in an attempt to reach the summit?

  10. 6th Paragraph-Contingency Plan: All team members will rely heavily on each other for moral, and perhaps physical support during the journey. What signs will you look for in fellow team members that the climb should be halted? What will you do if you strongly feel the team should head back down the mountain and abort the summit attempt?

  11. 7th Paragraph-Daily Plan from Base Camp to Summit: Will you choose the North or South Route up the mountain? How much time will you allow for moving between camps? Where will you spend the nights? At what time will you begin climbing each day, and at what time should you reach your daily destination? Conclusion Paragraph-This paragraph should sum up everything you learned. It should also restate your “main idea” or your thesis in your introductory paragraph.

  12. Questions: R 1) Who is Mount Everest named for? What did he do? 2) What is the date of the first successful ascent? What two men did it? 3) How tall is Mt. Everest? 4) What section of the mountain is the most dangerous to climb? 5) What is a sherpa? 6) Write down 5 other interesting facts that you think would be important for a climber to know.

  13. Essay: • Each question or group of questions needs to be put into a paragraph. • You must have an introduction to the assignment. • You must have 6 paragraphs answering the questions, but also giving more information. • You must have a concluding paragraph, which sums up what you have said. It should also restate your topic sentence or thesis from your introductory paragraph.

  14. Closure: • In our group we…

  15. Long Term Memory Review: • Give me an example of a prepositional phrase.

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