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  1. WEB QUEST Begin

  2. Introduction: • You are Little Drop, a young drop of water living in a beautiful clear lake on a mountain. You have overheard some of the older drops talking about going on a trip through the water cycle. You think, “What is the water cycle?!” back next

  3. You vaguely remember learning something about that in school, but you just can’t seem to picture it in your mind! So nervously you listen in a bit more. You hear unfamiliar terms like water vapor, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and run-off. You begin to feel anxious.All these drops are discussing a trip through the water cycle, and then they ask you to join them! back Question: What happens when a drop of water travels through the Water cycle? next

  4. Travel Plans! • Watch a video. (But pay attention so you can do well on the quiz!) • Fill out your passport. • Write a journal about your travels. • Make a poster to share your experiences with our kindergarten friends! back next

  5. Let’s Go! It’s time for your trip through the water cycle. I hope you are excited! Don’t forget your passport! back next

  6. First Stop Video Falls Watch a video, take the quiz, read the facts! • back next

  7. Now its time to visit Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Use the following websites to help you fill out your passport! • • • back next

  8. Teaching the Water Cycle to Other Water Droplets. You just got back from your trip. You have been asked to share your experience with Mrs. Rain’s kindergarten class. She heard about your trip through the water cycle and thinks it would be nice for the kindergarten droplets to hear. She wants you to share your journal and draw a poster of the cycle. MYTRIP back next

  9. Journal During your journey you keep a very detailed journal about what happened to you in each stage of the water cycle. • Write at least one paragraph for each day you spent on your trip. One day at each stage of the cycle. • Make sure each journal entry shows that you know what’s happening in each stage of the cycle. Remember you are the little drop of water going through the cycle! If you need help writing your journal take a look at the websites again! back next

  10. Water Cycle Poster Now its time to draw a poster of the water cycle. Look back at your travel through Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. Take a piece of construction paper and draw a picture of the water cycle. back next

  11. For more information check out these books from the library: Water, Water Everywhere: A Book About the Water Cycle by Melvin and Gilda Berger Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean by Arthur DorrosDown Comes the Rain by Franklyn M. Branley The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks by Joanna Cole The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About the Water Cycle by Pat Relf back next

  12. Next

  13. Let’s review our journey 2. 1. 3. To Listen to a fun song to help remember your journey through the water cycle, follow this link: 4. Next

  14. Congratulations!!! You have successfully helped our friend find his way around the water cycle: evaporation to condensation then to precipitation and to the final stop, runoff. Great job!!! You guys did so well that Mr. Raindrop wants to see if you want to go on the journey of the water cycle with him again? Are you up for another journey? Next

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