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Web Quest

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Web Quest

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  1. Web Quest By Aaron

  2. My Story in the poor country of Saudi Arabia food, water and freedom was to die for. in the beaming hot sun, maggag and her husband agula were living the daily life-style. maggag had just returned from collecting water from the well. “agula I’m home,” called maggag to the end of the hut. “ok I’m off now though just packing some things for our trip to Mecca.” replied agula whilst putting some tacky clothes into his backpack. “ill see you in about 4 days, bye!” the neatly made bamboo door closed…..

  3. My Story (continued) 2 days later… all of the ladies in the village set off thru the desert toward Mecca. by foot thru the desert, it would take 3 days and 45 minutes to get to Mecca. you may think this is a long time but the women have a great time and joke and play about, so they don’t really realise the length of the journey. “phew, with this weather we won’t make it to Mecca at all, let alone for the ceremony!” said maggag the leader of the ladies. “carry on until we must turn back, I think its temporary,” a few hours later maggag and the girls had to turn back due to the sandstorm. “turn back, this isn’t going to stop I’ll carry on for a bit,” said maggag whilst plodding on. the storm grew fierce and maggag was forced to turn back. whilst walking back she discovered that she wasn’t alone the sand storm had gained eyes, legs and arms. Maggag Ran But However Fast She Did Run The sand Monster Always Caught Up. She Tried To Hide But The Sand Monster Could See everything and over the tops of everything. All hope was lost when Maggag thought of a fantastic idea she ran in the opposite direction towards the village where the other women were, the Sand monster followed. Boom! Crush! Bang! The Village was being destroyed, but who could save the village. (the answer was no-one but Maggag did save the women in the village). Maggag lured the monster past al of the other villages and towards Rasigh On The coast. Fortunately there was a whirlpool and Maggag’s Plan to suck the monster in the whirlpool worked. The sand monster Lent over the beach and got sucked into the sand forever! The End!

  4. What I Learned • I learned loads of things with web quest, • These included • Information about my country ( Saudi Arabia ) • Different story starts. • And different ways to express feelings.

  5. What I Enjoyed • I enjoyed looking up info about my country. • Also I enjoyed learning facts about my country. I.E. Women can’t drive. • And finally I enjoyed linking my story to my country.

  6. What I Didn't Enjoy • There were only a few things that I didn't enjoy were… • Choosing my country, because there were so many to choose from. • And the story line, at first I didn't know what climax and problem I was going to choose.

  7. Money Machine • The money machine was a good way to find out how much the average paid person would make in your countries currency. For Example • If your person made £200 they would make roughly $400.

  8. I Hope You Enjoyed My Slide Presentation!Thank You