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Warm-Up Instructions PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-Up Instructions

Warm-Up Instructions

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Warm-Up Instructions

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  1. Warm-Up Instructions Answer in complete sentences. Write at least 3 sentences. Be sure to explain your ideas. Put 5 warm-ups on a page. They will be turned in after every 5.

  2. Warm-Up #1 • What is the one idea or image you want the audience to get from your presentation and why?

  3. Warm-Up #2 •  In your own words, define communication.  Explain why you chose to define the term this way.

  4. Warm-Up #3 • Describe a time in your life when you made an inappropriate communication choice. Describe the context.

  5. Warm-Up #4 • Describe a time in your life when a barrier (internal or external) prevented you from communicating successfully. • STUDY YOUR NOTES FOR CHAPTER 2 QUIZ. (YES YOU STILL HAVE TO TAKE IT IF YOU WERE ABSENT)

  6. Warm- Up #5 • What is the most memorable speech you have ever heard or witnessed? In person or on TV. What made it so memorable? Explain • STUDY YOUR NOTES, BOOK, REVIEW….. FOR THE CHAPTER 1 AND 2 TEST

  7. Warm up #6 • In your opinion: • How do you make sure that the audience is captivated while you are giving your presentation? What are some of your goals to make sure everyone is engaged and listening? What are some things NOT TO do during a speech that can make an audience member non attentive?

  8. Warm up #7 • Describe a time in your life when you used personal perception to make an unfair judgment about someone • Please review your notes from Chapter 5 for the Quiz when you are finished

  9. Warm up # 8 • What was the most interesting thing you learned from the History of Body language video you viewed in class? Was it something you can apply in your life?

  10. Warm up #9 What is the most important message you hope to get across to your audience during your speech?

  11. Warm up # 10 • What was the best speech in your opinion ? If you don’t know their name what was the topic? • What was it about this speech that made it memorable? Do you think you have done everything you could have to prepare for this speech?

  12. Warm up # 11 • 1. List a time in your life when you didn’t truly “LISTEN” to the message presented to you. • 2. What were the negative effects of you not listening? • Remember there is a huge difference between listening and just hearing.

  13. Warm up # 12 • We learned the 5 characteristics of an effective interpersonal relationship. • 1. Describe a time in your life when an interpersonal relationship suffered because one or more of the 5 characteristics were not being demonstrated.

  14. Warm up #13 • Have you every witnessed anyone at school being bullied? What did you do? • Have you ever been bullied? How was the situation resolved? • STUDY CHAPTER 8 NOTES FOR QUIZ AFTER WARM UP

  15. Warm up #14 • Based on the evidence you have seen so far how would you have voted in the jury room? Answer Honestly: • Would you have gone into the jury room with a preconceived negative opinion on the boy based on where he was from or what his ethnicity is? Why or why not?

  16. Warm up #15 • What is your DREAM JOB? If you could pick one job for the rest of your life what would it be? What makes this job so great? • What are ways that you can achieve this dream? What are the requirements or prerequisites for this position? • Would there be any variables that would keep you from accomplishing this dream or goal? • WE WILL SHARE AT THE END OF CLASS

  17. Warm up #16 • From the video we viewed and from the Chapter 9 Notes….. • What were some things NOT TO ask during a job interview? • Why is it important to have background on the company you are applying for?

  18. Warm up #17 • Rate your partner: • If you could give your partner a grade on how well they prepared what would you give them? • What was your partner responsible for working on? Did they do what they were supposed to do? Did you have to do their part as well?

  19. Warm up #18 • Describe ways both verbally and nonverbally to show confidence in a job interview. • Why is having a great personality important in a job interview? • PARTNERS MEET FOR 5 MINUTES TO REHEARSE! WE WILL FINISH TODAY

  20. Warm up #19 • Soon we will begin Group Work. • What is the best GROUP you have ever been a part of? • If you can’t think of a group you have belonged to what is your favorite group/team you have witnessed?

  21. Warm up #20 • Why do you think it’s important to discuss controversial topics? • Do you have your own opinions about the topics up for discussion or are your opinions influenced by friends, family, whatever the popular opinion is?

  22. Warm up #21 • Beauty- Using vivid and descriptive imagery in your language • Force- Refers to the intensity or energy of your message • Monroe’s Motivated Sequence order of steps- Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action

  23. Warm up #22 • Describe a time in your life when you were forced to work with someone you didn’t want to. • What was the outcome? • Did you learn to work together or did your negative attitude get in the way?

  24. Warm up #23 • What is your definition of a group? • Is there somebody in your group who has already established a leadership role? • Is there somebody in your group who you see has a negative attitude?

  25. Warm up #24 • In your opinion what makes a great leader? If you could pick one person to work for or somebody to lead you who would it be? • Describe a situation in which a leader made you feel important. What strengths in yourselves were enhanced as a result of this attention? Did you perform better as a result?

  26. Warm up #25 • What is the greatest product jingle of all time in your opinion? • What makes the jingle so great? • TURN IN WU 21-25 • STUDY FOR CH 12-13 QUIZ