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Latin America Cut-Away Boxes PowerPoint Presentation
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Latin America Cut-Away Boxes

Latin America Cut-Away Boxes

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Latin America Cut-Away Boxes

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  1. Latin America Cut-Away Boxes Sarah Johnston

  2. #6- Explain the economic importance of the Amazon Rainforest. • The Amazon Rainforest is important because it helps add oxygen to the Earth’s atmosphere, helps regulate the climate, and is the habitat of millions of plants, animals, and insects. The organisms living there have led to many new discoveries, including some in the food, toxin, industry, and medical department.

  3. #7- Explain the economic importance of the Pampas and Llanos regions. • The Pampas and Llanos regions are economically important because they are grassy and treeless, making them great for farming and raising livestock, which in turn increases profit for those who utilize them.

  4. #8- Explain the environmental effects of El Niño and La Niña. • El Niño and La Niña are weather conditions that cause abnormal climate changes that can last several years, some of which may include floods, mudslides, crop failure, and droughts, depending on the area.

  5. #12- Explain the political and economic importance of the Panama Canal. • The Panama Canal is of both political and economic importance. Politically, it helped establish an agreement between the United States and Panama, along with helping increase trade between countries. As for the economic effect, it made trade easier and cheaper, which therefore increased trade and eventually profit as well.

  6. #13- Explain the major economic activities found in the Caribbean Islands. • The Caribbean Islands have many major activities, some of which include trade, tourism, farming, and the informal economy, which provide people with small street jobs such as street vending and shining shoes.