the story of mr smith goes to washington n.
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The Story of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington PowerPoint Presentation
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The Story of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The Story of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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The Story of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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  1. The Story of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington By: Kerihgan Fulton

  2. Introduction • The senator that accompanies Senator Paine died • Governor Happy elects Mr. Smith for the new state senator • The press portrays Senator Smith as a stooge in misleading newspaper stories • Smith is sent to Washington DC

  3. Rising Action • Smith goes to the Lincoln Memorial for inspiration • Jefferson Smith shows up 5 hours late to his office • Clarissa, Smith’s secretary, wants to quit due to the new senator, whom is seen as a stooge • Senator Smith proposes a bill for a boy’s camp on Willet Creek • Senator Paine accuses Senator Smith of owning the land on which he has proposed the boy’s camp • Senator Smith says nothing in his defense during the committee hearings investigating his involvement with graft • Clarissa finds Senator Smith at the Lincoln Memorial and convinces him to fight, not just for himself but for the boys who look up to him

  4. Climax • Senator Smith goes into a filibuster calling a quorum

  5. Falling Action • Jim Taylor gets tons of newspapers to send out fake information making Smith look bad for the filibuster • The boys back in Senator Paine’s and Smith’s state have a newspaper sending out the truth of Smith • Taylor stops them by taking their papers in a abusive way • People of Smith’s state beg him to stop, that the children are all getting hurt • Senator Paine delivers baskets of telegrams from people in his and Senator Smith’s state. The telegrams demand Smith give up the fight and leave the Senate • Smith was talking for over 24 hours, so he passed out

  6. Resolution • Senator Paine tries to kill himself, with a gun, for what he has done • Senator Paine bursts into the Senate Chamber confessing to Jim Taylor’s graft