by rachel schwalbe n.
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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

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  1. By : Rachel Schwalbe Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

  2. Introduction • The senator of a state dies • They are forced to appoint a new senator • Boys recommend Jefferson smith • Jefferson smith was a boy rangers camp leader • Mr. Payne (the governor) Elects Mr. Smith as senate due to him being gullible. • Mr. Smith is amazed at DC and Wanders To The Lincoln memorial.

  3. Rising Action • Mr. Smith was late to his office due to his being at the Lincoln memorial . • Mr. Smith finally arrives at his office and is welcomed by Ms. Saunders • Clarissa (Saunders) does not really like smith and wants to quit. • Mr. Smith comes back from the senate meeting and wants to present a bill for a boy ranger camp on willet creek • Clarissa is confused about the bill and wants to know if he has said anything to senator Payne. • Clarrisa helps smith right and propose the bill to the senate. • Senate laughs at him

  4. Climax • Jim Taylor is mad about the bill due to the money he wants to make on the damn that is being built • He tries to persuade Mr. Smith that if he stops he can make money and have any job he wants • Mr. smith refuses Taylor and fights for what he wants • Mr. Taylor puts a whole bunch of new papers out say he is a fraud and he just wants money from the dam • Mr. Payne and Mr. Taylor don’t want to be caught with making money on the dam, so in the senate meeting senator Payne frames Smith • All boy rangers get upset with smith and trash their badges. • Smith is angry with Payne and gives up • Smith goes to the Lincoln memorial one his way home from the senate.

  5. Falling Action • Ms. Saunders know where to find him so she goes to the Lincoln memorial to calm him down • She tells him to give up and fight for the truth • Mr. Payne keeps trying to argue with smith to get him to sit down so he will get kicked out of the senate house. • Mr. smith goes to the senate meeting and holds a filibuster for 24 hours • Nothing that he is saying is getting out to his home townbecause Taylor told his men to keep everything private. • Saunders tells smiths mom to make 50 thousand newspapers and send them all around the state • Taylor finds out and hurts/ takes away everything that all the boys are putting up for Mr. Smith • In the senate house Mr. Payne brings in big crates of newspapers that are stating that smith is a fraud

  6. Resolution • Mr. Smith Faints on the floor leaving everyone worried • Mr. Payne cant take the pressure anymore so he confesses to framing Mr. Smith for the dam. • Mr. Payne is crowded and People yell at him • Mr. Smith doesn’t find out about his big win because he is fainted. Senator Joseph Paine says, “Let me go! I'm not fit to be a senator! I'm not fit to live! Expel me, not him! Willet Dam is a fraud! It's a crime against the people who sent me here - and I committed it! Every word that boy said is the truth! Every word about Taylor and me and graft and the rotten political corruption of my state! Every word of it is true! I'm not fit for office! I'm not fit for any place of honor or trust! Expel me, not that boy! “