mr smith goes to washington n.
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Mr. smith goes to Washington PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. smith goes to Washington

Mr. smith goes to Washington

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Mr. smith goes to Washington

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  1. Mr. smith goes to Washington By: Emily Poist Mod 1

  2. Introduction • The senator of the state dies • They need to find a new one • Jim Taylor has put Mr. Paine on his pay role • The boys recommend Jefferson Smith • He was a boys camp instructor, who didn’t know much about politics • They appointed him Smith into office

  3. Rising Action • Mr. Smith was 5 hours late due to his curiosity and amazement by the monuments in Washington. • Mr. Smith goes into his office and meets Clarissa (Saunders), who tells him that she can’t do it and she wants to quit. • Smith was called a fool in many papers, and looked immature and not worthy of a job in the senate. • Smith becomes furious with the false statements filling papers all around the world • Smith tells Clarissa of his idea to build a dam on Willet Crick. • Clarrisa is shocked and wonders if he talked this over with senator Paine.

  4. Climax • Taylor tells Paine to tell Smith their idea, of buying secret land, building a dam on it, and selling it for a profit • Smith doesn’t agree with the idea, and still wants to get his bill passed • In order to save the secret, Senator Paine (long time friend of Smith’s) gets the court to believe that Smith is buying all the land secretly under false names

  5. Falling Action • Smith tells the court that the rumor is false, and tries to explain that Senator Payne and Jim Taylor are behind the scheme • The court obviously believes Senator Paine, because he’s been with them forever • Clarissa calls the people that live where Smith is from, and tells them to make millions of copies of papers that support smith and hand them out to people in the town • Many boys are being hurt from the people Taylor sent out to destroy the papers. • In the court, Smith, goes into a filibuster, not yielding for anyone to stop him • Smith talks for almost 24 hours, non stop, trying to get his words out.

  6. Conclusion • Right before Senator Paine comes out in front of the court, Smith faints and falls on the floor • Clarissa is worried, wondering what happened to him, but she is more confident when a page boy gives her the okay sign. • Senator Paine rushes in and lets the jury know, smith was telling the truth, and Taylor and him were behind it all. • Senator Smith won the case, and everyone starts clapping and going crazy. Clarissa is especially happy, that all this was over, and smith had won.