mr smith goes to washington n.
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington

Mr. Smith goes to Washington

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington

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  1. Mr. Smith goes to Washington By; Emily McGee

  2. Introduction Senator Fuller dies so a new Senator must be appointed for his state Mr. Happy had problems appointing a new senator so he appointed Jefferson Smith because of a toss of a coin Jeff is brought to Washington D. C. and got lost for five hours when he randomly went on a bus to go sightseeing Once he gets to the Senate, he meets Saunders, his secretary

  3. Rising Action Jim Tailor secretly buys up land illegally around an area called Willet Creek where Senator Payne is making a bill to place a dam Jeff attempts to write a bill for a boys camp, but the area where he plans to put his camp is the exact same area where Senator Payne plans to place his Dam

  4. Climax Once Jeff presents his bill to the senate he is immediately accused of graft by senator Payne Jim Tailor begins to bribe a multitude of people to all say how Jeff has bought all the land around Willet Creek and say how horrible he is When Jeff was about to do his testimonial he just walks right out

  5. Falling Action Jeff calls for a filibuster and continuously gives a speech so that he will not be able to get kicked out of the senate Saunders gets all of the boy rangers to make newspapers saying how great Jeff is and gets them spread across his state Tailor’s political machine immediately gets to work destroying anything supporting Jeff (Fire hosing parade, running boy rangers off the road) After giving his speech for 23 hours Jeff yields for Paine to present false evidence from Jeff’s state saying how horrible of a person he is

  6. Conclusion As Jeff examines the telegrams and letters, he passes out and Senator Payne confesses all of the lies he told( The political machine, graft, ect.) Senator Payne then tries to kill himself and everyone else celebrates Jeff’s victory