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  2. I.START OF MEETING • Attendance: Some members from Yangtze University, Wuhan, Hankou and Wuchang. • The meeting started at 5pm. • The opening prayer was said by Sister Margarita Ofosua. • The Secretary welcomed all members to the meeting. • He thanked members for honoring the meeting

  3. II.INTRODUCTION OF SELF • The Secretary informed all members present of the change in leadership for the Academic year 2013/2014. • He Introduced himself(Isaac Ibrahim); • The President (SaviourAyertey ) • Treasurer(Serwaah Ababio) • He then asked members to introduce themselves; by name, school and programme, which they did.

  4. III.INTRODUCTION OF AGENDA • The Secretary introduced the Agenda for the day as • Presentation of the state of Affairs of NUGS-Wuhan • Update on the Ongoing African Students’ Festival • Football Tournament • Fashion Show • Conference

  5. National Congress • Leavers Party IV. President’s Remarks • After the introduction, The Secretary handed over to the President. • He called for the singing of the Ghana National Anthem and it was sung. • The President among other things touched on the following • Composition of NUGS • He noted NUGS China composed of the National and Provincial(Such as NUGS-Wuhan)

  6. He noted that NUGS-CHINA is a welfare association that is meant to promote the welfare of Ghanaian Students in China (both Scholarship and self funded students) • He said the activities of NUGS - Wuhan include • The National day(Independence day) • Meetings, • Birthday celebrations • Leavers day • National Congress • He stressed that the association is primarily funded through contributions of members • 100RMB for Local • 100RMB for National • He expressed disappointment however that most members do not pay their dues.

  7. On the state of Affairs of NUGS-Wuhan he pointed that the association does not have any funds in the accounts • He hinted that every information about NUGS-China can be found on; • Including information on Constitution, executives, branches etc. • He introduced past executives of NUGS-Wuhan on their arrival at the meeting

  8. On the ongoing African Students festival he announced that the Ghanaian football team defeated their Congolese( Brazaville) counterparts by two goals to one(2:1); and that the next match will be played on Friday 5th April at Wuhan University of Technology(Ligong) at 8am. • He stated further, that the finals will be on the 19th of April 2013, and the fashion show and conference(the role of the African Students after graduation) will also be on that day unless otherwise changed. • He noted that Sister Millicent Williams is in Charge of the Fashion team and all ladies who want to participate in the show could contact her.

  9. On the Levers day, he noted that a party will be organized for students completing this year and that further details would be communicated to members in due course. • On the national Congress he stated that it will be held in the city of Tianjin in July (to be confirmed).

  10. V .Comments and Suggestions • After the president’s remarks, the Secretary invited comments and suggestions from members • He started by expressing his worry about non-payment of dues • Dr. Julius was of the view that members should be made aware of what the dues is used for before asking members to pay.

  11. Responding, bro.Victor Ganyoame said, the 100RMB paid to the national is for example, is not only used for welfare of members but, just as payment of return tickets for the congress and other services rendered for members, and so the dues is just a token contribution by members. • The Secretary also added that the local dues paid should be used for welfare projects/purposes, and noted that most members think that the dues should be used for parties, and end up saying the association does nothing for them. • He added that there is the need to clarify the association as a welfare association and payment of dues should be for this purpose and urged members to build a consensus in this regard.

  12. Dr. Nyamekye asked of the means of payment • The president answered that is through • Campus Representatives by either outright payment or by part-by-part payment method • The President mentioned the following members as the Reps for the various Universities: Dr. Nyantakyi-Yangze University, Sister Millicent-Tongji, Sister Sedem- Huashie,Sister Mary (assisted by Maggie, saviour and Mariama) at Ligong, WUDA-bro Joshua, DIDA- Bro Matey, Sister Serwa and Bro Isaac-HUST….. • And to the executives directly(treasurer) • Dr. Nyamekye suggested members meet more than once a year for the General meeting • The immediate Past President; Joseph Mantey said there were many other programmes that brings members together., and more general meetings could pose problems

  13. He however agreed with the motion that members could meet twice a year. • Dr. Mohammed suggested that members be motivated to attend meetings through interventions for example. • The Secretary put the motion to vote and it unanimously agreed that General meetings be twice a year(once a semester). • Bro. Joseph Larsson suggested that information about meetings be well disseminated.

  14. The Secretary answered in the affirmative, he however noted that data collection is underway and that all members should submit their details to their campus representatives and desist from apathy of data submission. • Bro. Joseph Mantey urged all members to co-operate in this regard and create yahoo mail accounts to benefit from the yahoo group. • Dr. Julius Wanted to know the relationship between NUGS - Wuhan and the National, and Whether all members have registered with the high commission as required, and how has the association championed the interest of students.

  15. Bro. Victor said that the national liaises with the diplomatic mission and various stakeholders to assist students in need, and that if students have any problems they could contact the Local President who in turn will relay to the national if the need be. • On registration, he said those who have not yet registered with the Ghana Embassy in Beijing should see the executives and fill the required forms for submission to the mission.

  16. On how the association champions the interests of students, Joseph Mantey gave several instances when the association came to the aid of students in need. • Dr. Julius was of the view that accountability should be adopted and that a planning committee should be set up to come out with a programmes for the year. • The President called for the appointment of planning committee members

  17. A three member committee was agreed and the following were appointed • Dr. Julius • Dr. Ofori • Sister Millicent Williams • The president suggested that any inputs regarding programmes be made to the committee. He also noted that further suggestions and views could be communicated to the Executives even after this meeting.

  18. VI. Other Matters • Sister Millicent Williams gave an introduction of “Sayra Natural Care” product to be launched on 6th April by one of our sisters at Tongji, gave out invitation cards with the assistance of the president and urged all to be present at the launch and support her.

  19. VII.Close of meeting • The Treasurer, sister SerwaAbabio gave the Vote of Thanks. • The meeting ended at 6.25pm with the closing prayer by Bro. Adam Misbawu, followed by socialization and departure.