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period 1

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period 1

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  1. Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? period 1

  2. Could you please tell us: “Do you have your own room? Is your room clean? Who clean your room? Do you often help your mother clean your house?” Cleaning the house is a kind of chores. Doing chores means doing housework. What other chores can you name in English?

  3. Warming up A: What choresdoeshe do every day? B: He … every day. do the dishes 洗餐具 foldthe clothes 叠衣服 water the plant 浇花

  4. A: What choresdoeshe do every day? B: He … every day. wash the car 刷车 make the bed 整理床铺 take out the rubbish 倒垃圾 sweep the floor 扫地

  5. Do you do these chores at home? Discuss them with your partner. 1a take out the rubbish do the dishes fold your clothes

  6. Modle clean the bike do the dishes A:I like cleaning the bike because I can be outside. B: I don’t like doing the dishes because it’s boring.

  7. Talk about the chores: take out the rubbish/trash make your bed fold your clothes clean the living room sweep the floor do the dishes make breakfast clean the bike help clean the car … A: Do you often… at home? B: No,I don’t like it . It’s…. A:I hate some chores too, but I like other chores. I like … because I can.. B:…

  8. Mom: Peter, could you please ……? Peter: Yes, sure./All right. /No problem. / Certainly./ Sorry, I can't. I have to do...

  9. The room is untidy. But Peter’s grandma is going to visit him. What should they do?

  10. Listening Listen. Who will do thesechores? Check (√) Peter’s mother or Peter. 1b √ √ √ √ √ √

  11. Pair work Make conversations about the chores in 1a. 1c Yes, sure. Can you do the dishes? Could you please sweep the floor? Well, could you please do them? I’m going to clean the living room. No problem.

  12. Could you please …? Yes, sure. Can you …? … …

  13. Make polite requests礼貌提出请求 A: Could you please...... ? B: Yes, sure./All right./No problem./ Certainly./Of course./but I want to …first. Sorry, I can’t. I have to do...... I’m afraid not. I am doing...... take out the rubbishdo chores do the dishes sweep the floor make dinner wash the car make the bed fold the clothesclean the living room

  14. 2a Listen. Peter asks his father if he can do four things. What does his father say? Check (√) “yes” or “no”. √ √ √ √ Could I …? Could I go out for dinner?

  15. Listen again. Why does Peter’s father say “no”? Draw lines to the reasons. 2b √ √ √ √

  16. Ask for permission politely礼貌地取得同意 A: Could Igo to the movies tonight? B:Yes, sure./All right./No problem./ Certainly. /Of course. Sorry, you can’t. I’m afraid not. you have to do...... A: Well, could I…? B: …

  17. Imagine you are Peter.Make conversations between you and your father. 2c A: Could Iuse your computer? B:Sorry. I'm going to work on it now. A: Well, could I watch TV? B: Yes, you can, but first you have to clean your room. No, you can't....

  18. 2d Role-play the conversation. (Pay attention to the colorful words.) Sister: Tony, could you please help out witha few things? Brother: Could I at leastfinish watching this show? Sister: No. I think two hours of TVis enough for you! Brother: Fine. What do you want me to do?

  19. Sister: Could you take out the rubbish, fold the clothes and do the dishes? Brother: So much? Sister: Yes, because Mom will be back from shopping any minutenow. And she won’t be happy if she sees this mess. Brother: But the house is already pretty clean and tidy! Sister: Yes, well, it’s clean, but it’s not “mother clean”.

  20. any minute now 一种常见的口语表达法,相当于“随时;马上;在任何时刻”的意思,表示事情有可能在极短的时间内发生或眼下就要发生。 minute还可以用second, moment, time等词替换。 e.g. Don’t worry, he will come here any minute now. 别担心, 他会马上来这儿。

  21. The guests are arriving any time now but we’re still not ready. 客人即刻就到,但我们还没有准备好。 We’re expecting them any moment now. 我们期待他们随时到来。

  22. What a mess!

  23. Homework 1. Remember all the phrases of doing chores in this period. 2. Make a conversation between you and your mother, using the sentence pattern “Could you please …?”