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Ballet By Karin Ueda PowerPoint Presentation
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Ballet By Karin Ueda

Ballet By Karin Ueda

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Ballet By Karin Ueda

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  1. BalletBy Karin Ueda People work their hardest to become good at Ballet. It takes a lot of work to be the best!

  2. Flexibility • Ballet dancers are very flexible. They warm up to prevent injuries before class. Stretching your legs and trying to do splits can help you become flexible. If I were you I would rather stretch everyday.

  3. Dancing in front Before dancing on stage you also need practice. Look at how good they got and their posture. Ballet has a lot of different postures. This picture shows one position.

  4. This is a dancer standing on point shoes. Someday you can be an expert in ballet! Pointe shoes People think standing on pointe shoes is easy but…. Think again! It is very hard. You will need to train a lot to wear them. If you wear pointe shoes injuries are easy to get so you better warm up before class. Injuries are usual but that can tell you that you did your best work.

  5. Barr lesson • During class, dancers dance on a “Barr.” They stretch their legs and do a lot of ballet moves. Teachers give their kids a lot of reminders. Dancing on Barr is tough for most people.

  6. Costumes, dresses and much more. Very beautiful!

  7. Working so hard and….. During class when you work so hard do you know what can happen? In class when my teacher Mrs. Hariyama asked us to jump, my hair bun fell apart! My hair pins were flying all over the place! Then my teacher said “This is what happens when you work so hard.”

  8. Center dancing • Dancers also do center dancing when they don’t use Barr but they still do moves that the teacher tells then to do.

  9. Trying your hardest Now you know that if you take ballet lessons you need to try your best at all times. It feels so awesome to do ballet because no one can do ballet perfectly at first but after a while you become so good at it and it is like magic.

  10. The end • Hope you enjoyed it!