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  1. Ballet By: Regan Simmins

  2. American Ballet was brought from Italy in 1400’s. There’s all kinds of ballet dancers they start from all ages. In Ballet they have different positions and turns such as piourtees and Foutees. It is customary to look upon the 1581 performance of the Ballet called Comique de la Roaneat the Pala's du Petit Bourbon in Paris as the birth of ballet itself, making ballet the youngest of the major performing arts. However, since we are also interested in where ballet came from, we will look at pre-ballet dance and its development into the discipline of ballet as well as the development of ballet after 1581.

  3. Italian Ballet This is the play of Sleeping Beauty that started in 1850. Ballet originated or started from the Renaissance. A ballet of the Renaissance would look nothing like a performance of Giselle or Swan Lake at the Bolshoi. Tutus, ballet slippers and pointe work was unheard of. The choreography was adapted from court dance steps. Performers dressed in long gonds.

  4. American Ballet vs. Italian Ballet What’s Different?? America Italy In Italy, There costumes are multi colored dresses with black shoes and peachy colored tights. They wear bows and move at a faster speed than we do. In Italy they have way different ballet’s such as Corpo di Ballo del Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. In America, Their costumes or everyday dance practice costumes are tutu’s, leotards, pointe shoes, ballet slippers, and tights. In America we have Swan Lake Giselle and other ballet’s.

  5. What’s The Same? Ballet is a form of dancing performed for theatre audiences. Like other dance forms, ballet may tell a story, express a mood, or simply reflect the music. But a ballet dancer's technique (way of performing) and special skills differ greatly from those of other dancers. Ballet dancers perform many movements that are unnatural for the body. But when these movements are well executed, they look natural.

  6. How does Ballet tell a story? • Ballet tells a story through facial expression and the dance. In the nutcracker their telling the story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and the evil mouse King who has a royal battle with the Nutcracker Prince.

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